Sunday, November 09, 2008

Democracy and Diapers

[In this post, as in many others, in order to protect his innocence, Craig will be referred to as "Dr. Gooch".]

Dr. Gooch and I voted differently in the recent election. I chose my issues and he chose his. Though it may seem counter intuitive, this doesn't mean our views and the importance we place on certain issues differ very much. I felt Obama could best unite our nation and lead us into shallower waters. The sense of character I gleaned from his campaign was solid enough for me to shake a stick at. So, last Tuesday, I shook my stick on Barack's side of the ballot. Dr. Gooch felt that McCain was the lesser of two evils and would do the job (while not taxing us into the red). I can't answer for Dr. Gooch. But, now that all is said and done, I think we are all hanging our hats on hope.

Money is not all it's cracked up to be (speaking generally, here). It comes and goes like a non-committal boyfriend (and is just as disappointing when it is around too much). Dr. Gooch chose his career for many reasons and was already on that path when we married (so I was not involved in the decision stage of the process). The main reason was that it would allow him to spend the majority of his time with his family instead of "at the office". This was his priority (gratefully). We both agree you must choose your line of work based mainly, among many other factors, on what you will enjoy doing. Money will always ebb and flow. Sometimes there will be surplus. Sometimes you will eat one big pot of soup all week and maybe float a check or two with fingers crossed. Most times there will be just enough. That being said, the needs of the family must be met. Whether you are earning $50,000/year or $250,000. Money is not the whole issue. Cooperation is the issue--both globally (the us economy) and locally (a marriage).

Maybe I'm sounding like an idealist. Maybe my head is in the clouds. That's okay. Optimism has taken men to the moon and back and you can find fresh air in the clouds. We will be wise. We will make sure the needs of our family are met. We will keep our children clothed. We will keep nutritious food on the table. We will (hopefully) invest in a roof over our heads. We will spend money on time together as a family. We will pay our taxes and tithes. We will also, it seems, "share the wealth". In our family. In our faith. In our community.

"Blessed is he that considereth the poor".

Will said it well at HOPOLIOS. Worth a read through. I like how he points out that "property rights" is not a divine principle. As people of faith, we live by principles of sacrifice, charity, self-reliance, and even long-suffering. We don't live by "if I earned it, it's mine".

Obama will not save this country. We can only save ourselves from ourselves and that all starts once you open your front door and step inside. We will be asked, in these times, to cut back, make do, do without, and gradually drift back into a more frugal lifestyle. We will rediscover the value of sweat equity, when the familiar equity of our day is in turmoil.
What I think Obama will do is unite. Like Will mentioned, he has the wind at his back. Now, we can only hope that he will "effect real change...This will take incredible discipline, humility and willingness to cooperate. That's what we've seen during his campaign. I hope it's what we'll see in his presidency."

Me, too.
An aside: for those of you considering a career in Medicine, don't do it for the "glamour" and the "green" if you know what I mean. There is not much of either when all is said and done and weighed and considered. If you know what I mean. To quote Dr. Gooch, do it "if you LOVE science, if you LOVE the human body,if you LOVE the idea of curing the diseased and caring for the injured."

Now "two cents" from Avery and me. We've decided that we like g-diapers. We have recently and temporarily switched back to disposables while her poop is still in the mustard-yellow runny stage. The nature of a breastfed infant's bowel movements is that they are very frequent. I was having to wash the g-diaper liners and outer cloth covering nearly every change. I would suggest a move to cloth diapers (since you are doing the washing anyway) or disposables until the poop firms up a bit. Please don't judge me. I'll say it again as I've said it before, we do the best with what we've got.

This has been my .04--not an invitation for debate (heaven knows we've had quite enough of that)--just some loose change.


BRENTandROBIN said...

It sure would be nice to meet this amazing, well spoken sister-in-law (and Avery) of mine in person... Brent and I are definitely considering driving your way for the New Year. Hopefully it all works out.

By the way, love this post!


Jessica said...

Jordan, thank you for this post. I think you have thoughtfully and beautifully responded to the buzz surrounding this recent election and much of the frenzy in posting and commenting on what seem to be all the blogs in the world. Just, thanks.

michelle said...

Well said!

Sara said...

Love your writing as always and I need to say a big AMEN to the part about not going into medicine for the glamour and the green, but because you LOVE it. That is why Mac is doing it. We are nearly 9 years in and has seen absolutely no green (in fact we are in the red as are all physicians) and no glamour. . . who wants glamour anyway?

Miss you friend!

Kelly said...

Loved your very thoughtful 4 cents. Your Avery is dreamy, and I love this picture of her bundled little self.

Heather said...

Thanks for your post. The storm and panic have calmed and we are still on the medical path. We never were in it soley for the money. We want to make an honest living and be able to provide comfortably for our family. Good luck with everything.

Michelle said...

Well said Jordan- that Will always has amazing posts doesn't he? We sure know something of dental school loans. It was always about our family and helping other families. What a fun ride we will have in the next four years.

Christine said...

Thanks for the update on the gDiapers. We have a bundle of joy coming in June who may be bundled in gDiapers too.

I did not vote for Obama, but I do agree with you that he will unite our country. Since he is now our President, I wholeheartedly support him in that office.

The Original Mangums said...

Avery is so cute in this picture! I need a recent family picture, please send one. Your post today is excellent,I am also hoping for the best!

TX Girl said...

Great post. My guy is also of the opposite political persuasion, which has led to many interesting convos. I'm glad the whole sordid business is behind us. Let us hang our hopes on a united country.

Y'all are a much better at sticking to your environmental convictions. I love the environment, but under no certain circumstances could I do the whole washable diaper. Nope.. can't do it. I know- I'm a poser.

Medicine- ahhh if only it was glamorous and green. I guess it is green, but only in terms of outfit color. I'm just happy my spouse has chosen a career that makes him giddy and when he comes home he is grinning from ear to ear. Today he said.. "we did the coolest surgery"-- worth EVERY penny.

shannon said...

Thanks for the opinion about the g diapers. I am in the market soon, again.

Tracy said...

Kudos, Jordan, on a well written and interesting post. In spite of my disapointment in the aftermath of this election, I will support our newly elected president in the office he holds, as I believe all who hold the office deserve.

I do not believe that "united with" means "agreeing with," however, and I will not unite behind him as long as he pursues a liberal agenda. I cannot sell myself out on my principles. I will support him in his efforts to lead if he chooses to govern from the center, which has yet to be seen. I have my doubts, but in the beginning he deserves the benefit of the doubt.

In reading your post, and Will's, it is easy to see that we all have similar hopes, and certianly good intentions....we just think differently and come to very different conclusions about how to accomplish such aims. So I suppose we can be united in our agreement to disagree. And we can also be united in our desire for "change," even if we have different ideas about what exactly such change shoud entail and how it should be accomplished. And we can all continue to be united in friendship, despite our political disagreements.

I hope this isn't seen as the debate you weren't looking for, or taken umbrage at by anyone. It's just a bit of my own loose change needing to be unloaded after a heated election cycle.

Ingrid said...

All the glamour and green is in IM.

Hehe...just kidding. This was a great post, Ms. Jordan.

bethanne said...

Thank you Jordan! All that I can say is once again, Amen! Thank you for articulating the beliefs that I have struggled to convey in my own words. Okay so maybe a smidge more.

We had similar circumstances at our home as far as who we as a couple voted for and why. I am grateful for the close of this election and I am enjoying making up the sleep that was lost in the last few weeks.

I am not planning on perfection in any political leader. Throughout my life I have fallen in to most every tax bracket for one time or another and I think I can say that my views on wealth and "spreading it all around" still sound like yours. I have always felt blessed to be a partaker in all that this great country offers and feel it an honor when I feel I can contribute. I also love the global community of which we are a part and am looking forward to those bonds possible being strengthend again.

I am hopeful for the coming years in this country and I was truly inspired by the words of both candidates on Tuesday.

Although separate in the votes we cast last week we as a family now together choose optimism. (So much for brevity.)

Rebecca said...

You are one good writer! Yes, hope, for sure, but hope in Christ will be the only cure of this country! M

SoCalGal said...

Well said. Even though I voted the other way, I am patriotic enough to put my faith and prayers behind our president and I respect the mantle. I agree that he has what it takes to unite even though I don't agree with his policies. Thanks for always being so willing and so bold to share.

We're still waiting for the "green," 16 years later...

Beautiful photo!

I am LoW said...

The ONLY issue I have with this (waaaayyyy late) is that I don't trust the government to do the right thing with the money. I think it would be served better if the people got to help using their money that hasn't been taxed. When taxes go up and money is tighter, there is less to give outside of taxes. And then again, sadly, what the government chose to put MY hard earned money towards may have been a big old waist in my eyes.

Interestingly enough, Democrats are looked at as the givers when actually replublicans give more time and money to charities. (that can be looked up)

I reckon we'll find out if Obama is everything everyone dreamt he would be. Time will tell.