Friday, October 10, 2008

On The Mend

The third girl gets everything hand-me-down. But, Avery gets a seat of her own. Her tiny bum fits perfectly in her new blue Bumbo! She likes to watch her world swirl around her via this new view. And swirl it does! Craig fell into bed this morning at nearly 5 am--a twelve-hour work night for him. He can barely speak due to a sore throat. So, we're still on the mend here--some of us more than others. Honeyed Lemon-Ginger Tea is in order. Maybe this afternoon, I can "cook" up something a little Halloweeny.


Ingrid said...

She looks so grown up and happy! I bet her beautiful little smile has helped get y'all...on the mend.

Elizabeth said...

Mine has the same blue bumbo. But he still slips out because his bum is so tiny. Still trying to chunky him up.
She has a darling smile!

Rebecca said...

When did she grow up? Stop--Wait--Don't move until I get home!