Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Latest Halloween Decor

putrid portrait

Baby Bag 'o Bones

In other "scary" news: 19 days until we have to choose either Barock or John. Who will you choose?


Rhonda said...

Well, I fess up here...we will be going with John! Also...I have officially been stalking your blog for a long time and now have decided to "come out of the closet." As we actually considered calling to go and look at your parents home this past summer when we were there in Provo.

It will be time to leave Connecticut and head closer to our kids. will be the most difficult move ever. However, I love your parents home (YOUR home) and it is so hard to find a nice home on the land they have.

Anyway, love your blog and all the happenings with Dr. Gooch, your 4 cuties and the many adventures of your lives.

Katy said...

Though I have issues with both, I've heard and read too many scary things about Obama, so John it be!

I requested mail-in ballots this year, so we don't have to wait in lines!!! Hooray!!!

Becca said...

I think John is the scarier candidate so my vote is an enthusiastic Obama!

LCFrohm said...

Oh gosh! I think John McCain is the way to go.
Especially after last night. The idea that because I (technically my hubby) works hard, has sacrificed so much to become a doctor, we should be forced to "share the wealth" with others who have chosen or been led to believe they can sit around and wait for the government check to arrive each month-- INSANE! We are very generous people, and give to many charitable organizations. I just can't imagine that the government should have any right to tell me that I HAVE to share, because my family is successful.

S. Schuller said...

Love that scary picture of you two! You really get into the Halloween spirit and it's great! I already cast my ballot for John McCain, although, honestly, I'm not that excited about either candidate.

SoCalGal said...

That is a scary photo! I think my kids would have nightmares if John and I did that :D

My vote will be for John, but I think neither candidate is very great. I guess I would rather vote for someone I agree with 60% of the time over someone that I agree with 5% of the time. Heaven help us!

SoCalGal said...

Oh, one more thing... I also agree with lcfrohm in that doctors who make above the $250,000 mark (depending on the specialty) will take a big cut.

Kurt Knudsen said...

It's a tentative two votes for John via absentee ballot all the way from Korea

Amy said...

I totally love your photos.

I'm tagging my hopes on Obama.

Geo said...

Great photo!

I have yet to commit to a spook-in-chief; still shuddering my way through some debates I missed. Ack.

Melissa said...

While I know that this comment is at great risk to be deleted, I will venture to post my opinion anyway. I'm guessing by the fact that Senator Obama's first name was spelled "Barock" in the post tells me all I need to know. :-)

McCain's whole persona frightens me. Watching him during the debates -- his non-verbal communication including grimaces, his interrupting, his mocking laughter -- I fear this is how he will represent the USA and present himself to dignitaries from other countries that require tact and grace. With the world's hostility towards the USA right now, there is a lot of bridge mending/building to do, and having McCain sit down with leaders from other countries with which we may be having issues would be better served with a delicate, calm, respectful demeanor like Obama's.

More importantly, all I need to do is look at the fiscal mess of the last eight years. McCain is more of the same.

And of note, John McCain's father and grandfather died at a younger age than he is now. President Sarah Palin? That is the most frightening of all.

My husband and I are both highly educated and we have a high income, though mine is less now that I've become a mom and cut back to working part-time. But in those few hours that I work, I earn more than the national average family income in the USA. And I'm the first to admit that our vast social group is entirely other people with high incomes like us. Yep, I drive a 2008 Lexus RX hybrid SUV with an Obama/Biden bumper sticker on the back. :-)

This brings me to my point, which I know will be inflammatory here: I find interesting that of the all the moms I know who support McCain, every one of them is a stay-at-home mom with no career or income contribution to her own family of her own, with no history of a high decision-making "career" vs. "job" prior to becoming a mom, some with a bachelor's degree but none any higher, with husband supporting the family in a high-earning career.

Of the moms I know that are supporting Obama, it's a mix of highly educated moms (ALL have a minimum of a master's degree, most with Ph.D., M.D., or J.D.) who are either taking a break from their own lucrative careers to stay home for a few years before planning to return to work in the future or moms who are in high-earning "career" positions currently, both full and part-time, much like Michelle Obama (and even Sarah Palin, except she lacks the education level that we have achieved). I have my own opinions on why this is, but I'd be interested to hear others comments on why they think this is.

The negative campaigning and malicious rumors that have been spread about Obama are as low as it gets in politics, some even based on his name being different from John, George, Bill, Ron, James, Richard, etc. The fear mongering based on this alone is sickening and insulting.

And I want all Americans to have iron-clad health care coverage that wouldn't leave them hundreds of thousands in debt or facing losing everything in the event of a catastrophic health issue.

And I can't help but wonder if others wouldn't want this too so Nie Nie and Christian receive the best health care possible in their recovery without having to face the financial issues that they surely will in the future.

Jessica said...

I too concluded that the misspelling of Barack's name revealed your leaning...I'm voting for Mr. Obama!

Michelle said...

Melissa, really? ALL the women you know who are voting for Obama have degrees beyond a bachelors? And ALL the women you know who are voting for McCain are stay-at-home moms with no high powered job or career?

Was it your intent to insinuate that women who choose to stay at home (and who happen to have conservative beliefs and want to vote for McCain) are somehow less than you because they might ONLY have a bachelors degree or maybe no college degree at all? Or are you just mad that people would (gasp!) vote for McCain and you are irritated because they are women who stay at home with a husband earning a high income?

While universal healthcare is IDEAL, the fact of the matter is the quality of care would be affected and not in a good way. Have you talked to your MD friends about that?

I'm sorry, maybe this response is rude and out of line but I just find your comment to be quite condescending. And, you might even be surprised by who will be getting my vote.

michelle said...

Two for Obama here.

The Original Mangums said...

Wow! I'm not telling who I'm voting for, but may the best win (if there is a best, I'm not convinced!)
The picture is spooooky, I had to look to make sure I really recognized the two of you! Happy Halloween!

Christine said...
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Christine said...

My link didn't work last time.

I read your blog from time to time and enjoy your perspective on daily life. I believe that all people have the right to their respective political leanings, but the categorization of people on one side or the other is dangerous and polarizing to our country. I don't know Melissa, but her comment is just that type of ideology that can be destructive to our nation. Soon we will all have to come together behind one or the other candidate.

I have a PhD. I do contribute to the income of our household. I am a mom. My professional associates have PhDs as well. I will vote for McCain.

I believe that Orson Scott Card's article is right on the money, and he's a Democrat. It's worth the read.

TX Girl said...

You know- politics has always brought out the best and worst in people :).

You already know which candidate will get my vote. Although my job, my income and my education have little to do with my selection. I just believe in Obama's policies more than McCain.

For once in my life I think I'll stay out of the fray in this comment section. It's obviously been a long campaign season.

wandering nana said...

I read your post thru my daughter Txgirl. Love the picture. Great post and I'm sorry that us people who don't have degrees at held at so low in M's view. I have worked and I feel that I have made more critical decisions in my home than I ever did at work. I did have a "career"... stay at home mom (I was fortunate not to have to work in the early years). I would also like to remind M that I am one of those whose job was to raise a better person who might have been the next presidential candidate. I'm still undecided, and I'm still listening... and I'd like to remind M that at least you are open minded, as you published her comment.

Melissa said...

I think that people like M often like to put other people down just so they can get a kick out it. Well let me tell you that the joke is on them! They make themselves look uneducated and in need of going to manners school. I am also highly educated and gainfully employed. As a matter of fact, I am the first college graduate in my family, but my mother is smarter than me by 10,000 miles. I will vote for McCain for a number of reasons, but I will not vote for Obama because I don't believe he can be trusted.

millie said...

I thought you were so brave to post this question. Politics freak me out. I am a bit cynical and struggle to trust any source of information, or manage to glean any real information from debates. It's all rhetoric, of course, but what really will be the best way to handle it?

For all the information I have been able to gather and for whatever reasons I am to inarticulate to express...I'll vote for Obama.

I asked Colton if he would be upset that his business would qualify to be within the range that Obama would tax and he said no. Neither would I and he has worked his hind quarters off to (literally) create the pizzeria.

I really like your next post. You explained yourself well and you look fab in that hat. Is it a secret where you got it?

One more thing. I have noticed that most people(that I have come in contact with, which depending on the day, may not be too impressive) tend to vote how our parents vote. I find it fascinating that you and your parents will vote differently.

millie said...

I just read through my comment...I made a few errors. How sympathetic of me.

Tracy said...

I am more apathetic about this election cylcle than I have ever been in the past (I am usually in the habit of following politics quite closely). This is because neither candidate inspires me. McCain is so uninspiring to me, in fact, that earlier on I was determined to stay home rather than cast a vote for him. But the more I learn about Obama, the more excited I become about McCain. I will be casting my vote for McCain now, if only because Obama is the scariest prospect for President of the United States I think there has ever been. I could never, ever vote for a socialist. It is completely un-American in my view. But I suppose that if you really want "change" (for the worse, that is), then he's your guy.

Tracy said...

I think maybe I should clarify my statement suggesting that a vote for Obama is un-American. I know that liberals are very sensitive to being branded as unpatriotic. I don't mean that if you in particular think that Obama is right for our country that you are un-American. I mean simply that in my view, socialism is contrary to the fundamental principles that this nation was founded on. I think that socialism flies in the face of the inspired vision of freedom and prosperity (not equality) for all that our Founding Fathers had for this nation. And in my view, Barack Obama clings to a socialist ideology that will harm this country and plunge it into a far deeper despair than we are facing now (and I come from the perspective of one whose husband was laid off three months ago, so things are quite gloomy at our end). I hope I have explained where in am coming from in my statement: since I believe that socialism is contrary to fundamental American principles, and because I believe Obama is a socialist...for me personaly, voting for Obama would be un-American.

SpyderDoc said...

I believe our current president, Bush 42, has taken the most socialist step since the WPA and FDR in the recent partial nationalization of the 9 largest banks. I am certain he got your vote, Tracy. I am also certain you wouldn't call him, Bush 42 that is, unpatriotic, unamerican or socialist.

amy m said...

I love what you said in your last post and I love that we live in a country where our choice counts no matter who we are.

I for one am scared of this election. I want my voice to count, but honestly I don't want either of them to win. Do I have another option?

amy m said...

oh and very cool picture.

Emily Murdock said...
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Tracy said...

Spyderdoc, yes Bush did get my vote...but that doesn't mean that I am happy about everything he has done in office. In fact, Bush proved to be far too big-government for my taste, and McCain is MUCH less conservative than I would like. But sometimes the choice just comes down to which is the lesser of two evils. Also, though many Republicans inact some policies that may lean toward socialism on occasion, Barack Obama IS a socialist (in my opinion). That is a HUGE distinction. In any case, I was merely stating my opinion and I am not interested in an argument here. I'm done with this discussion.

Ingrid said...

I've enjoyed reading all these comments! Wow! I love America!

Just wanted to comment on what a cute little skeleton you have there in your home and what a ghastly picture! :)

rebecca said...

Jordan! I've missed the foray! One HUGE vote for Obama here, of course, though I am SHOCKED at the divide wrought by this election in general. We ALL get a vote based on our conscience - yeah America - and our opinion is not eliminated because or our socio-economic standing, education-level, church-membership, procreative abilities, preference for cheddar over provolone. And thank goodness we don't all agree.
I love your response statement, so perfectly Jordan, and you are gorgeous and I want to take you to tea.

TX Girl said...

Sorry- I had to.

Really Tracy, you didn't want an argument? Then why the "clarification"? You and my mother would get along. You both believe that a discussion in which both sides are represented is automatically an argument? Why isn't it just a discussion? I've always been fascinated by this perspective. I've learned more from these little "arguments" then I ever would have otherwise- pity people can't/won't hear both sides and have a productive discussion.

Bek- I concur. I want to take her to tea too.

Michelle said...

Very brave Jordan, I lean left and sometimes right, this is an important election and My vote is for Obama. Do I think he's will be able to reverse the sick mess of the past 8 years- no but I think he will do the best job.

As far as Obama being a socialist, it's factually not true, it's just a label, the republicans just nationalized our banks- And no one wanted that to happen. That act alone is pure socialism, along with our public highways, police,and firemen, schools, libraries, and many more things we actually enjoy. In our country's history we have enjoyed a little bit of socialism and we didn't all suffer for it.

As far as spreading the wealth, come on, in the last 8 years the discrepancy between the rich and the poor has widened to levels of the pre and post depression era, interesting, some economist have said, paraphrasing obviously- that when you see the discrepancy between the rich and poor widen to the point where less than 5% of the population holds 90% of our countries wealth it creates a bad economy.

Let me just say- I am not a socialist and not a democrat or republican. I do think that if we had universal health care it would be a wonderful thing- it should be a right of each person. If I spent all my time worrying about how someone on welfare spends the little money they have on trash then all my compassion would leave me. I was a social worker before a mom and I know first hand how the system is abused but I'd hate to go back to the days where in parts of our country you could have been seeing something similar to slums in India or Mexico, our country is better than that and I'm sure we can find better ways to educate our citizens so they don't choose to live off the government their whole lives. Sorry this was so long!

Ingrid said...

Just curious - what are your thoughts on Obama's support of partial birth abortion and selective service for women?

birdonthelawn said...

i adore you i just read your last post and looked at your amazing self ports.

birdonthelawn said...

and i adore your readers.
and all of their comments.

people are powerfully opinionated and rightly so.

Michelle said...

I hope it's o.k. that I offer my opinion on the whole abortion thing. I suggest listening to what Obama said in the last debate, he defended his position I thought he did it well.

I think abortion is such an ugly thing and complex issue. Both side are right and wrong. But there should be moral consistency here, if you support life then support it all the way- meaning war, because so many innocent people die in war babies and family members.
Along with what policies we support in helping families especially single mothers raising those children who weren't aborted- what kind of attitudes do we carry?

When I lived in New York I remember seeing protesters at planned parenthood, weigh in that not everyone agrees on when life begins, for some it's at conception, for others contraception is killing possible babies, we don't really know- it's a gray area and something i think is taken on faith, and for me because it's something based on faith I wouldn't like to see a state have the right (if Roe v Wade overturned) to tell me or a family member that their own health wasn't as important as the unborn or that if a child was raped that a morning after pill would be seen as unacceptable.
I recognize the extremes on both sides that sometimes dictate where this discussion goes. It shouldn't because most people despise abortion. And by the way the abortion numbers fall under democrats - the focus should be on prevention- we can all agree about that. I can find myself being on both sides of the argument and in the end prevention is the best answer. Sorry Jordan- I couldn't help myself! And you do look fab in that hat!

Natalie said...

Oh boy! I can't do this again. I will leave just 2 comments:

1. My vote is conservative. I must admit you have to dig deep to find conservatism these days...but I will always stand for conservatism.

2. Do people really understand what universal health care will do to you? Have you talked to a doctor recently? Talked to a Canadian recently? You will not get the care you need. Yes, things might be cheap, or even free....but the care won't come when you need it.

Ahhh..the trickling effect of universal health care.

Jessica Womble said...

Wow! Reading all those comments was very interesting. I just wanted to say that your daughter looks adroable in that skeleton outfit. I like how you did that picture of the two of you. It is actually very scary. You have inspired me to be into the holiday spirit more. So, Thank you!
You'll have to come check out our blog on Saturday. We are having a Halloween Party on friday and you could see our costumes we are wearing for Halloween.

Sara said...

Ms. Jordan, looks like you started something here. I might as well pipe in, this may be the only place I do so and I think it is a safe one. Here goes. . .

I do not consider myself a political expert in any way. I do however do my part to be an educated voter. I have watched each debate, read my fair share about each candidate and have watched more CNN and FOX News in the last few months than I'd like to admit.

Like many others, neither candidate thrills me at all. I am however leaning to the right (and not because of Ms. Palin, I am not a huge fan) but because I don't like the idea of big government nor the idea of our country becoming a "cradle to the grave" or "womb to the tomb" society that relies on the government and feels we deserve handouts. This makes me nervous. I think it will lower motivation, work ethic and drive. A little competition is good.

I want the freedom to choose what is best for me my family and I don't trust the government to make those choices for me. In addition, I think that the health care system will suffer greatly and the idea of socialized medicine may sound great on paper but will be a mess in the long run. I want my children and their children to have the same great health care I have had.

I think our great nation was built on capitalism and therefore has one of the largest and strongest middle class economies in the world. I feel that Obama’s campaign is a campaign against capitalism in many ways.

As for redistribution of wealth. . .that is not how it should work in my opinion. Say my child gets an A in school because she worked hard and put in the time and effort it took to earn that A, but others in her class get C's and D's does that mean her grades should be lowered to "even things out"? Absolutely not. It does however mean that she should use her knowledge and abilities to help others. So should we, but not by force. If we have been fortunate enough to get a good education, find a decent job and live a comfortable life, we should not be punished for it, but we absolutely should CHOOSE to help others in the way we see fit. I realize there are many who have been dealt a lousy hand in life and I am in no way implying that they should not receive some sort of government assistance, I am just not sure that Obama’s plan is the best one.

As for gay marriage and abortion, I have to vote with my religious views on this one. I realize that there are specific situations where abortion may be necessary, but partial birth and full term? Come on now. . . it's like no one has to be responsible for their actions anymore. Since when do we get to choose the consequences of our irresponsible actions (unprotected and irresponsible sex in this case).

One last thing. . . I heard on the radio today that Obama and his campaign have hidden or not released his birth certificate, college transcripts and health records. . . does anyone know anything about this or if it is true? You never know with the crazy media these days, the can bend things any way they want. . . just found it interesting and want to know if it is true or not.

michelle said...

I love what the other michelle said about being pro-life. Love it. What an interesting discussion here!