Monday, October 27, 2008

Fried Mullets

red dogs

pink toes

big grins

deep fried fun

roasted, buttered (oil-dipped) corn

Prize Every Time!

She listed the flavors, "We have red, blue, green, and yellow, Sweetie"

boys just wanna have fun

pink HFCS glow


See you next year!


Kurt Knudsen said...

Nothing like a State fair to feature the best in culinary delights!

SoCalGal said...

Oh what fun! Love your hat too, Jordan!

Shannon said...

Santa Vaca! That's a big piece of carne.

The Original Mangums said...

Fun, Fun, Fun! Glad you had a day to just enjoy each other - and all that "fat free" food (had to rub it in Doc)! We love you six N.C. Mangum's.

Ann said...

Hope you ate a fried pickle for me!

Rebecca said...

Oh the state fair! Nothing like it! M

Casper, the friendly ghost said...

I just love carnivals- the bright colors, the twinkling lights, the smell of deep fried goodness...yum! Elephant Ears are WAY better than Funnel Cakes by the way. I haven't had one of those since I left Alaska and went to their state fair. I totally have carnival food envy.

Elizabeth said...

I love the list of colors for flavors.
What vibrant photos you captured.