Friday, October 17, 2008

Ba Rock 'N Rollin' With The Punches

I apologize for my lack of sleep the past few nights due to just plain ol' regular circumstances of life, which led to the misspelling of Mr. Obama's first name in my last post. Or maybe I had geology on the brain, or "Rockin' the Vote". I don't know. Whatever. Anyhow, my grammatical goof-up seems have created a little stir on my itty blog. Just to clear the internet-ic air: My spelling of any word, name, organization, or what have you, is in no way indicative of my politcal persausion.

In fact, I lean left. Not because of McKane's Mannerisms on the telly (though unsettling), or his binary views (ie, the "hatchet"), nor because I am "highly educated", or due to Obama's decorum, predictable partisan politics and more complex ideology (the last-not a bad thing), --though ALL of the above may be true. I lean left because I feel like I should. Everything comes down to a matter of choice, and everybody's choice matters. I stay at home ALL DAY with four beautiful children. I drive a Minivan. I live paycheck to paycheck. I chose ALL of these things. And each choice is in a serious relationship with a sacrifce. But, these choices (or any other) do not make me more or less qualified to choose a leader.

Though I lean left, I WILL NOT lean too heavily on any politician nor his/her policies. In the end, it's the *domestic* choices that matter most. The daily-made choices. The "high decision making" (borrowing words here) acts in the home, which dictate the success of every mother's "own family of her own", (more words borrowed). In the end self-reliance, thriftiness, kindness, knowledge, truth, sacrifice, and love will rule. Best lean on these.

In the end.