Monday, October 20, 2008

Autumn in the Southeast

Just a few glimpes of the neighborhood in which resides the house on which we will put an offer if no one beats us to it!!! Did I mention I've fallen in love with my North Carolina?

As far as the recent political foray here this past weekend! It was great. Good for me to read the various views of people I know and some I don't. The most important thing is that we DO get to have an opinion and we can use that opinion as we exercise our voting rights in the next few weeks! Good luck to us. And take your families out on a fall picnic this week--on me!!

A few more "housekeeping" items:

Millie--you'll be happy to know I snatched that hat at my local Target.
Rebecca--I choose Provolone! And please DO take me to tea!
TXGirl--tea for three!
Snypedoc--you have a super hot wife! (and cute kids to boot)
Melissa #1--I'm glad your Lexus is hybrid
Becca--the political views expressed on your blog were insightful to me, thank you
Geo--I always enjoy your smart comments and also have yet to commit to a "spook-in-chief"
Michelle C.--I'm glad you weighed in! Because I know you have your head on straight (:

Check back later today for pics of the house we are drooling over on 3.3 acres!!! With a chicken coop out back!!!! Right now I've got to tend to Lucy--she's pretending to be a wild animal abandoned by her parents and hungry. (This has, at times, not been too far from reality.)


Becca said...

I can see why you love it; beautiful!

Christine said...

Jordan, When I read about you being conscious about being green, I thought you might want to check into People swap books of all kinds. The shipper pays shipping. You earn points and can receive books for free. What a great way to keep worthwhile reading out of the garbage!

Good luck with the house, and your political decisions!

Jessica said...

I hope you get the house! Three acres? We have a pencil eraser sized back yard...not an optimal play space for baby babes.

NC is beautiful...but you should see Virginia. I mean really.

rebecca said...

Can't wait to see the house! Lovely photos.

TX Girl said...

Salivating. Now why wasn't THIS the North Carolina we saw when we interviewed for residencies. I have always been perplexed on why I didn't fall in love immediately. If only I had you as a tour guide. I would have fallen immediately

Rebecca said...

Our new home looks beautiful! Keep it nice until we get there. M

Kurt Knudsen said...

gorgeous pics. Even the squirrel is beautiful-maybe.

michelle said...

I fell in love with NC immediately as well. And that second photo! Ahhhhhh.

Ann said...

Those photos are beautiful! LOVE the second one!

I found your blog through another- hope you don't mind me peeking in.

I'm in S.C., and I'm hoping to see a bit of fall as we head up to the Greenville area next weekend!