Monday, September 08, 2008

Mud Mask Monday

This is regular happy Hazel


This was Hazel at the end of today. She discovered a wasp's nest under the deck banister and disturbed the mighty black wasps. One made a beeline for her (hee hee) and stung her in the face and finger. We quickly made a mud pack to relieve the sting (the Popsicle seemed to help, too.)

We sent her off to bed swollen-eyed and benedryl-giddy.


Ingrid said...

You know what? I think your kids live life to the fullest...scorpions, ticks, now wasps! Seriously, this does not happen unless you are out living it up! Seriously! I confess, as a young girl, I somehow was drawn to fireants and they were drawn to me...sadly, I was so allergic that ER trips were a necessity and multiple shots too! I say keep enjoying it all, Jordan. You're an awesome Mom and I love the mud mask!

S. Schuller said...

I love reading about your family and how you approach motherhood. I agree with Ingrid-- you are an awesome Mom! I will have to use the mud mask tip in the future, and I love how you give yourself until four months and then let them sleep through the night. I'll have to remember that too.

The Original Mangums said...

Poor Hazel, glad she is ok! Mud Packs - great idea! Love the pictures in your blog, the children are all growing so fast!

Rebecca said...

Oh Jordan. I can't believe she got stung! How is she doing? M

michelle said...

Oh, man. I hate wasps. Those little suckers really hurt!