Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Let Me Count The Ways

1. your many farmer's markets
2. cicadas the size of hummingbirds
3. myrtle, magnolias, and mushrooms
4. rain, rain, rain
5. your academic atmosphere
6. spotted deer
7. the tallest trees
8. your sweet southern drawl
9. the way you turn summer into fall
10. Chapel Hill
11. The outerbanks
12. crab boils
13. farmhouses
14. Sutton's pharmacy
15. oreo cows
16. wrap-around porches
17. cabins in the smokies
18. home


Ann said...

Sounds like a fun place to be!

Katy said...

We hope to migrant in your direction one day!

Jordan said...

Oh, do hurry!!

Jessica said...

Have you been to Fosters yet? It's such a cute cafe/store/yummy food place. Also, have you been to Carrburritos yet? You can get sweet potatoes in your burritos and on your nachos...yum!

I am LoW said...

Boiled peanuts.... wisteria... low country boil.... sweet potato pie.... mMMmmmm

Kurt Knudsen said...


Rebecca said...

Oh and list will just keep going! See you soon.

Ann Dee said...

I'm jealous. It sounds amazing! I'm glad everything has worked out so well. I wish we could come visit. Will you never come out here again? Ahhh!!!

michelle said...

Wonderful. I especially love the myrtles. And the rain!

Geo said...

I'm the sister-in-law of Becca from Tropical Velvet. And you are making me DEADLY HOMESICK!

(Nice blog!)