Monday, September 29, 2008

"Green" With Envy

Dear people who are going to steal my home,
I fell in love. For the first time today. With a house. It's a little further South. You know it. Past the Oreo cows and the Haw River. It is a green home. Healthy. Inside and out. Lots and lots of space. Perfect for our family of six. With a library and passive solar energy. You know, the one with the HUGE front porch with it's locally made swing and rocker? Yes, you remember--painted in earth tones with no-VOC paint and uber-insulated. The one I discovered over 6 months ago. It was even better in person. Today. And then, just like that. I was heartbroken. It's under contract. WITH YOU!!
Please, people who are going to steal my home, find it in the deep recesses of your heart to relinquish the property and withdraw your offer and concede to us. I'm a devoted wife, a mother of four, and smitten with a house (in that order)--you don't want to mess with me. Please.
Yours sitting "green" with envy,
PS That is NOT a picture of the house. Maybe, if your lucky, I'll visit the site again and include some photos. If you're lucky.


The Original Mangums said...

Good luck! Paula

biguncletom said...

Dear Jordan,
Prior to becoming a school teacher, I previously had been pursuing a promising bouncer career until I was saved and shifted my efforts to a new and more enlightening path. What I'm trying to say is if you think those stubborn fools need a little "persuasion," my skills and I have your back. So, you just let me know, girl!

Rebecca said...


Kurt Knudsen said...

I know the home you speak of. The one with the cool cubby holes going up the side of the stairway, right?
Fight for it. Offer them more. Threaten them. Have Lucy cry on their front porch.

Michelle said...

I so dislike it when someone steals the home of my dreams. Funny enough- I was going to post about one of the homes of my dreams that we looked at on Saturday, two other folks were looking at it too.

rebecca said...

What nerve. Are we lucky yet?