Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Ruckus Rodeo

While in Utah, we took the whole crew down south for some real cowboy lessons. Some may say we had too many infants and toddlers in tow to brave a day in the dirt on horseback. That didn't stop us, we nursed in the stands while the children rolled in the dirt. We were told "boots and jeans" but we came with what we had and only had to sacrifice one pair of unsalvageable Sunday shoes. Craig rode, not bareback, but nearly barefoot in sandals. Lucy was a natural, Hazel sat briefly on the animals back, and Seth was more interested in the storm brewing outside the indoor arena where we rode.

Still, it was magical gripping your legs around the horses back and feeling the transition from jarring trot to smooth lope. It never gets old. Thank you to Aunt Bobette and Uncle Glendon for lending us their mares for the afternoon. Later, we would meet up at their fancy ranch for an unforgettable end to the day!


Rebecca said...

Yee Hah! What a great day at the ranch!

layne said...

i hope this isn't weird but I love your blog! and Uncle Glendon is my grandpa's brother! They are so great and their ranch is awesome. small world :)

SoCalGal said...

Welcome back! Glad you guys were able to get back to Utah. I would love to take my kids to the rodeo!