Saturday, August 23, 2008

At The Park Today

Craig wrote, "I wish I were as cool as Christian"

I wrote, "Kisses (she always signs off with this) for Christian and Nie!"
red lipstick in Steph's honor

Lucy wrote her name.

Avery's balloon was yellow

Seth wrote, "Seth says hi."

Hazel drew a scribble

We all love Nie and her Hubs! When I explained to Seth the what and why of our balloon launch today, he asked,

"Did the plane crack the whole Earth when it crashed?"

In a way, yes, it felt like that. We've all, I think, put ourselves a little in the shoes of this family and hugged our kids a little tighter, squeezed our spouses hand a little harder, and made the little moments count just a bit more--like we're trying to keep the world prevent any more cracking.


Tasha said...

I totally agree with you. This whole week I have thought about how I spend my time, what if this was my last week here and how would my kids remember me? I read her whole blog the other night and was so stuck by how much in love she is with Christian, and how in love with her life she is and how in love with her children she is.

Those are great pictures Jordan.

SoCalGal said...

Beautiful! I want to thank you for posting info about her blog. It really has changed the way I interact as a mom, wife and friend. I want to be better because of her. What great photos too!

TX Girl said...

I couldn't agree more- I feel like the the world has cracked a little, and I don't even personally know either of them.

I'm with Tasha, my whole week has been consumed with what I need to do to be a better mother, wife, friend, and sister. Oh how I need to be a better sister.

Sara said...

Ditto to the previous comments. . .it is all I can think about since I read your post and have read c-janes's. My heart aches for them and their children. So glad you participated in the balloon launch. . . what a beautiful idea it was.

Amy said...

I've never met Nie Nie, but I always leave my peeks at her blog with a fullness. Her love of motherhood, her husband, her children, her life is beautiful. My prayers are with their family as well.

And I love that you did your lips red in her honor.

michelle said...

This is beautiful, Jordan. I have felt the cracks even though I've only ever read her blog. We can all do more to keep the world together.

amy m said...

Very touching. It does seem like when a tragedy hits life is altered forever, so yes, cracked seems very fitting. Sweet sweet moment with your family.

It definitely has inspired me to live.