Friday, June 06, 2008

"There's No Private Happiness"

Breakfast: Greek-Style Apricot Mango yogurt with fresh blueberries, OJ straight up.
The moving people are coming this morning to do a "visual assessment" of the place. We were going to do the move ourselves but Duke stepped up last minute--thank goodness. So we're hanging out here for the morning.
Lunch: egg salad sandwich on oat bread, peach, water
Listening to Ray Lamontagne nonstop these days. Still reading "Quiet Girl", nearly finished. Peter Hoeg writes, "What we knew back then was that you can't keep the important things for yourself. If one person is hungry, everyone feels the hunger. The same with happiness. There's no private happiness."
Dinner: Whole wheat spaghetti with gently sauteed zucchini, fresh-shelled English peas, cherry tomatoes, and onions, topped with Reggiano Shreds. Pomegranate/lime soda cocktail and a pluot for dessert.

"It's a luxury to miss them." A quote from my comments. She hit it on the nose. A luxury. It feels good to miss them. They'll be back tomorrow.


rebecca said...

I am so glad Duke is moving you! That should help out a ton!
I am reminded of our time as neighbors because of your delicious food posts. So far for me today - vanilla hot chocolate and a slice of smoked gouda. I need to step it up.
Also - can you believe how far you've come? A toddler and a newborn feels relaxing to you now - you have time to feast and read and think... Were you like this after Lucy was born?

Ann said...

Wish I could join you. I ate a peanut butter and honey sandwich while I read your blog--it's crunch time with school, not much time for yummy dishes.

S. Schuller said...

I am so glad you're posting your diet as of late. It's so intriguing- all the fresh fruit, the quinoa, the things I would never think to eat but should. What's your take on animal products? I'm trying to see how I feel about them lately...I love how you're showing your food. This is great.

Jessica said...

Your killing me with all this good food! You eat like I would if I had a chef!! Please share your recipes! Please Please!!!

Rebecca said...

Please feed me like that when I come.

Tasha said...

Hooray for movers! That part seriously saved my can!

Glad they will be back tomorrow!

Shawna B. said...

I am so glad Duke is stepping up. The good folks in Utah? Not so much. The Borgies will once again be moving themselves. I am happy that you will have people come and box up your things - I cannot imagine doing that with a newborn. I can barely imagine doing it now ... but I am!

Whoever said "it's a luxury to miss them" is right on, I agree. Beautiful thought from her, and beautiful words from what you are reading. There really isn't any private happiness when you're in a family.

Hope Craig and the crew hurrry on back, safe and sound. Enjoy the "peace and quiet."

Amy said...

You do beautiful food...even when alone (well, sorta alone, I guess). I'm catching up on your last few posts. I guess I didn't realize your move was so imminent. Crazy when you were barely pregnant last time I saw you (how DOES time speed by so fast?!). Enjoy the "luxury" of missing your three and enjoying your two tinies!

annalisa said...

Will you come cook dinner at my house? I've lost all creativity when it comes to dinner.