Saturday, June 21, 2008

A No-Pack Day

We're taking a self-proclaimed "day off". Craig is working all day and we are home all day. So, we're staying in our pajamas, eating donuts for breakfast (courtesy Craig's trip to Fry's Grocery this morning), and trying to find ways to entertain ourselves (because most everything is packed up, even the TV remote).

So a discussion of future careers ensued after a cool bath (refreshment for post outdoor dirt/mud play in the sun):

Me: Seth, what do you want to be when you grow up? (I love asking this because I get a difference response every time).
Seth: I just want to be a "dult" and live with our family.
Lucy: I want to be a princess like you.

Then Seth urged Lucy to maybe be a "Bakery" because she could bake whatever cake she wanted. She was almost convinced.

There is no reason for unhappiness when your son loves his family enough to want to make a career out of it and your daughter thinks your profession is a Princess.

Also, your husband loves you and won't ever let you fall off the world. I'm dwelling on these thoughts today. Tomorrow, I will give a speech in church and mark one week left in this Grand Canyon State and it's 115-degree days, heart-stopping sunsets, palm-tree-studded starry nights, and lizard life!

S and L chillin' with the charming engaged couple last weekend


Rebecca said...

Oh, wow. Sounds like the kids look at your life as perfect--pretty close! M

Ann said...

Ditto to what mom said!

michelle said...

Those are the best quotes from Seth & Lucy -- definitely ones to document and look back on frequently!

Tasha said...

That isn't how you describe your vocation "Hi, I'm Jordan,Princess Mangum actually, and mother of 4."
So sweet that Seth wants to grow up and live with his family. You are doing more things right than not, I'd say!

Shawna B. said...

You NEED the days off! We took a "night off" Saturday where we watched gymnastics and ate Five Guys burgers and fries (food those gymnasts never eat!). I was amazed how rejuvenating it was. But now we're back in it, full-force, and the boxes, boxes everywhere BOXES, are piling up. My house looks much like yours ... soon we will all be settled, Jordan. Right?

In the meantime, happy boxing, happy taping, happy moving, happy fresh start.

Tracy said...

Seth wanting to be a "dult" and live with his family when he grows up is too cute. It reminds me of just yesturday when Michael said he wishes he were Stephen (our 1 year old) because he doesn't want to grow up because he loves our family too much. It melted my heart.