Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Distracting Me

Since the older kids have been back, Hazel is back to screeching and mini-tantrums. Craig says, "Poor girl is being raised under such stressful conditions." Once again, I'm amazed at the dynamics of each child learning to function in a "large" family. (On our date last night, Dr. Gooch and I decided, yes, we have a large family).

There was a sad little screech (not Hazel) on our front porch. The children and I investigated and found a little scruffy baby bird trapped in the "pokies" of a bougainvillea. We tried to help, but were foiled by the pokies ourselves. Eventually, her crying mother from the yonder tree was reunited.
Hooray for watercolor! If you have a 3 and 4-year-old and need them occupied for TWO HOURS, pull out the watercolor paints and give them a stack of paper. It was marvelous. The juices were flowin'--literally and creatively.

These are the details of our days. Distractions. Diverting my attention from THE IMPENDING MOVE!!!


Shawna B. said...

Lots of distractions here, too. The boxes are piling up and plans are being made ... Jordan, we're really going and we really finished and my, didn't the time fly?

Glad your crew made it back, safe and sound. I love the picture of Craig and CalaLucy.

Nate and Jen Poulson said...

Can you come cook for me? I look at your blog and am immediately hungry, look in my fridge and find nothing that looks as satisfying as the things you post.
Good luck on the move! I'm glad you don't have to do it. I refuse to when residency is over! I want to sit on my couch and watch the whole thing unfold while someone else does it for me....

Ingrid said...

Distractions galore over here too! I agree with Shawna, the time has flown by! Glad you are moving a little closer...perhaps we'll have a better chance at meeting up somewhere.

And Lucy can paint her name SO well! I am amazed!