Wednesday, June 18, 2008


My children rarely see their cousins (we've either been hiding deep in the swamps or out in the scorching desert). So, what a treat to have FOUR of them here this past weekend. Carley, 7, (seen here with ponytail) hit it off particularly well with Seth. He was her little shadow. In a prayer, after they had gone, he asked, "Bless that our "friends" will come to our new house". We "bless" that, too!

Avery's personal favorite was little Eli (they had the most in common). It was a delight for me to have a "nursing buddy". Ashley and I settled ourselves in the back room with the babes and discussed heavy topics, like the faces our babies make and how they burp or what to do about rashes on little boy parts, etc. Eli is shown here wearing a Seth hand-me-down, one of my favorites. I love that.
Thanks for playing, sweet cousins!! Come visit us on the Atlantic Seaboard!!


The Baker's Goods said...

Hopefully these cousins will live a little closer to each other in the years to come! Thanks for hosting all of us over the weekend, the long drive was worth it!
Love, Ash

Jill said...

I love having all the little cousins together, they're so cute to watch.

michelle said...

Cousins are the very best. I love that last photo of the two babies together... precious.