Thursday, June 26, 2008

All Girls, All The Time

My little sister gave her four little girls another little sister this morning at 5 AM. She was welcomed into the world with a nice warm bath (Katy had a water birth) then straight to her mother's breast. Baby Girl Dill #5. While we wait on the name, we're daydreaming of the trio of girl cousins that will be (once Ann has her baby in the Fall) and their fearless leader: Eli!! It's easy to imagine them making mischief (like our cousin Paul and I and Ashley and Katy) and becoming best friends.

We are thrilled for the proud parents and are confident this fifth will have as much beauty, character, and strength as her four older sisters. What a dream. There is truly nothing like sisters!! I have loved following Katy into this realm of motherhood and now watching my other two sisters take that same leap. Welcome, welcome, baby girl--you are so blessed!!


Krista said...

Wow! Congrats to your sister (and you and everyone!) on her fifth girl! I have to agree, it's a great day to have a birthday ;)

Jeni said...

Five That's a lot of weddings.