Monday, May 12, 2008

One Week Old

In about half an hour, little Avery will be one week old exactly. The pain has nearly all subsided and we can't remember not having her in the next room. I monopolize her time. She only sleeps and eats yet I could stare at her hours on end--and sometimes I do (a luxury soon to be banished when Grandma flies away). My mom pointed out this morning that there are few fathers who, when they only have a few hours before going into work would take all the children to the zoo for the morning. And Craig is certainly not dying to pet the stingrays or smell the giraffes in the blazing Phoenix sun. Yet off they went, snacks and all--three monkeys watching monkeys. I'm spoiled by the father of my children--he treats me far better than I merit.

Happy First Week, Avery Lola! We're smitten!


The Baker's Goods said...

But you do deserve the way Craig treats you! Can't wait for our trip in June to arrive!

Wesley said...

congrats on your sweet baby girl! She is so adorable. We are so excited for our little girl to come in June.

The Original Mangums said...

Great going Craig, we are proud of you! Glad you are feeling better Jordan, it is always nice to hit that "one week" mark and have things going well. Congratulations to all of you!

Shawna B. said...

Lovely little lady, Avery Lola.

Kudos to Craig for the zoo trip. Although it's not terribly shocking - I know Craig Mangum and he's pretty taken with his kids.

Jordan, I am so happy that you are able to relish this time in your life. I know you are so tired, but I'm glad you pointed out that you are trying to just enjoy this stage. I look at my almost 4-year old Owen and realize how fast it all goes, and how much I wished I would've enjoyed that early baby stage, with all its tiredness and craziness, more. It really is a magical time.

I will forever think of my Russian stacking dolls differently. The analogy of the Matryoshka, courtesy of Jordan and her mom! It's a perfect way to describe how we're all connected and how forever we really are.

Jeni said...

Love it!

Tasha said...

I do think you merit the wonderful treatment that Craig doles out, but you are right about the fact that many men don't, can't and won't participate like Craig does, especially with his stress and workload. We have some of the good ones, don't we? I can't imagine not having the support of a husband like I do.

I love those pictures and I can't believe its been a week!