Friday, May 23, 2008

Avery in Repose

Dr. Jones entertained Craig and I last night. Our first "post-Avery" date at the movies. Our little Loly was a gem, as usual. It was nice to get out amongst the living. We stick mostly to home these days.

10 Changes at our house(besides the obvious):

1. After meals and naps, Hazel stays in her highchair and crib for longer durations than usual.
2. Our morning routine takes twice as long (we were 15 minutes late for preschool today and we are usually 5 minutes early).
3. Sometimes, I don't shower until the kids are in bed.
4. Craig calls more than once during the day to "check on us" (read: make sure his wife's sanity is still in tact and the children are still alive).
5. I drink lots of water.
6. I'm in bed A LOT--but sleeping much less (this is where we nurse).
7. Seth seems older than ever.
8. Hazel's little bottom seems HUGE.
9. We don't go anywhere unless we absolutely have to.
10. I do laundry more often--because I only have two pairs of clothing that fit ):

Still aiming for the right angle of repose around here--Avery seems to have found hers.


michelle said...

It is amazing how much bigger and older your youngest child seems when a new baby joins the family! I hope your sanity is intact, or as near as possible.

millie said...

I can't imagine that one day Holden will have siblings, and I will take care of them. I admire you.

Amy said...

So interesting that it's *their* repose that your must seek first in this stage. Yours comes much, much later when you look back to see you've raised them well.

I love the sleeping babe pics!

Rebecca said...

I see Avery is still the perfect baby! How was the movie? Tell Craig I am disappointed he didn't wait for me.

Tasha said...

Evie's little body seems to go on and on and on to me now, I can only imagine what Seth must look like in comparison. I also remember the limited wardrobe that comes with early postpartum. I know you though, it won't last forever. How is nursing going?

I think of you ALL the time J.

Much love.

Sara said...

I bet you are holding down the fort much better than you lead on. . . you are amazing Ms. Jordan! I feel your pain with the parents leaving. . .it is always a bit overwhelming to see the help drive away!

Hope you get to actually sleep in that bed a little more as the days go on.

Miss you friend.

Amy said...

You are really, really amazing.

A few weeks ago I checked out your first blog post.

It is inspiring the way you interact with the world.

I'm glad you choose to share a little here.

Okay now I'm blushing and feeling silly, but it is all true!

Kelly said...

I love those sleeping pictures. There's nothing more peaceful! I hope you're finding a bit of repose of your own.

Jill said...

I love sleeping babies, she's such a doll.

I can only imagine how you're managing 4 tiny kids right now. The number of diaper changes a day alone is enough to make my head spin, no wonder Hazel's bottom suddenly looks huge (that's funny by the way).

I'm glad you're doing well and that Craig is checking on you twice day. Motherhood can be super touch and go, especially with post-delivery hormones running amuck.