Thursday, April 10, 2008

Things I Would Have Been Photographing

  • Hazel's new found joy in nudity. I find her in her crib stripped to skin. We're using packing tape now for more than just securing our belongings in boxes.

  • Craig feverishly preparing our taxes and in exasperation saying, "We're in big trouble."

  • Lucy. Every night she prays, "Bless the letter 'L'."

  • The blooming Bougainvillea. I will miss that mess of fuchsia in the springtime!

  • The baby's place near my bed, just about readied for the little gal herself.

  • My daily expanding belly.

Darn it, that I dropped our camera on the boardwalk on the beach.

Go here for pics of a day at Legoland California with Grandma and Grandpa!


Katy said...

I'm assuming that's not really your camera :)

So sad...Maybe if Craig gets your taxes in, you can use your tax refund money to buy a new one!

Jordan said...

We won't be getting a refund this year ):

Jeni said...

Jord...Calyn will be one on Sunday:)

Heidi said...

Don't forget Bush's "rebate" check!!!

Katy said...

I meant to leave you house advice...our realtor once told us it's better to buy the cheapest house in a very nice neighborhood than the nicest in a not so great neighborhood (even if they're the same price.)

Tasha said...

Jordan. That super duper sucks. How are you not getting a refund? Did Craig do that much moonighting. I think all that traveling for job interviewing is tax deductible.

Oh, the other thing that no one told me is that the first year out of residency the tax refund is huge. HUGE. You get to stay in the tax bracket you started the year in all year. SO, you get to enjoy it one year, it will probably be the last year of your life you don't have to pay 35% of your income...

michelle said...

Oh so sad about the camera. But I do love the mental pictures. I even found a website by a photographer who posts about pictures he didn't take! Right up my alley. I think it's called unphotographed or unphotographable? Here's hoping you can get a new camera with the extra tax relief $$... Love the image of packing tape on Hazel's little diapers.