Friday, April 18, 2008

Pregnancy Notes: Week 38 (The Dr. Gooch Edition)

An old photo taken "moments" before we met

I owe it all to him. The pregnancy especially. But, more for making my dreams come true. One of the outstanding things about Dr. Gooch is that he has no agenda. Politically, emotionally, or otherwise. He puts relationships first and ours even before that. It is what I never knew I was looking for. Secretly, I wanted to steer clear of the local boys and be swept away by an "out-of-towner" to some far-off place or exotic land. He stepped in, and I was swept off!

It is so nice to be here, where we are now. Having let go of so much making room for so much more. And all the while believing in each other the most. Understanding continues to fill the spaces and it feels good.

Speaking of spaces, baby girl has outgrown hers. I'll leave her there until she's good and ready to come, but we can't remain in our current coexistence for very much longer. I just feel it. Though somehow the calender is telling me "two more weeks". So we're packing the hospital bag and earnestly discussing names. Tell me, what's the name you wish you'd named the girl you never had or had but never used? A prize for you if we use that name!!

Here's a glimpse of our "Mornings With Dr. Gooch" this month. A snapshot of silly time--something Mom can no longer provide:


Crystalyn said...

the two of you really have something. and you always have the perfect way of putting it in words.

jane. i love the name jane.

Amy said...

Hazel. But you already have that one! I also really like Sabine, though it is probably too fancy for my family.

Ann said...

What a blessing! We too are trying to think of names... pass your list on when you're done!

Tracy said...

Annabelle is ours. If either of our New Orleans babies had been a girl, she would have been named this. Even our third may have recieved it, but after three no goes on the girls, the name has finally lost its charm and I don't think we'll be using it even if that girl ever comes.

NieNie said...


Tasha said...

Craig is a good, good man, and so much fun to be around!

OK. I love the names
Georgia (so does Amy W, I am plagarizing this from her)
Clara Jane
Syliva, call her Sylvie or just name her Sylive
Elyse (E leese
Sara Beth

I personally thing Seth, Lucy, Hazel and Maeve sound like one cool tribe of kiddos, but who am I?

Pack that bag sister. Much love, I hope that roommate comes out to give you some face time rather than hanging out on your bladder real soon!

IamLoW said...

Romy or Lillianna.

Two opposites really, one current the other not, but both I wanted to use and never did. Instead I DID use Zoe Lu, Rae and Naomi.

Carol said...


I think my favorite is Jane, but a Jane and a James in our family would be way too confusing. Good luck! What an amazing and exciting time you are at right now.

Carol said...

Oh yeah, and I also really like Rebecca (which I am sure her Grandma would be thrilled about).

Tina said...

okay, i like to come peek at your blog from a friend of a friend of a friend's blog!! blog surfing- it's great fun. great photos btw.

Riley Sophia

bookwurmy said...


Heidi said...


Craig with hair! Love that photo...

Michelle said...

I'm still for June. I love that name.

tmaready said...

Hi Mangums... If I had a girl I would consider the names: Piper & Camryn. Good luck!

Ingrid said...

Who's bookwurmy? I saw the name Ingrid on her name suggestions and second that name in a heartbeat! Wahoo! Interestingly enough, I have ALWAYS loved my name, always enjoyed having a unique name, and only meeting 2 other Ingrids in my lifetime! - and then I went and named all my kids quite traditionally with Julianna Marie, Ashley Elizabeth, Thomas ("Tommy")Noble, and Andrew Wallace (all of which either have special meaning to us or are family names).

I do very much agree with Tasha's choice Maeve fitting well with your other children's names...I also like Eva, Grace, Claire, Jane spelled Jayn and I just had a friend name her little girl Breelle (I have no idea how she spelled it - it is pronounced Bree-elle)

If I do have another girl one day, I plan to use my middle name (if you can remember it, then you get an extra special prize along with your baby gift in the mail :)

OK< this is WAY too long, but I know that your girl's middle names are Fae and Rae, have you thought of using Mae for this little one's middle name?

Happy Name Picking! This is my favorite part!!!!

Amy said...

I have a load of girl names, but rather a lack of girls..


I can't wait to hear Yours! :)

Jessica said...

I was going to suggest Maeve so I was surprised and happy when I saw it already recommended. I also think Willa is a sweet name. I think Greta is cute too.

Katy said...


Jeni said...


I loved it, but couldn't get Aaron to jump on board. He liked it, but didn't LOVE it. That's okay. I can't imagine Calyn being anything else but that!

AnnaB said...

Ok, you don't know who I am but I am Carol's good friend and I followed her bloglink over here. She is always telling me about the great things you write. She is Right!!!

Ok, on to names:

Ivy (or Ivie)
Bronwyn (got it from a book and always loved it...husband not so much)
Anna (wait that's my name but, I have always LOVED it)

Ok, that's all I can think of for now. Good Luck on your baby! What an amazing gift our babies are!

The Baker's Goods said...

Ok Jordan, here are my suggestions for names, just don't use the name IVY, Brian and I want that one.
SCOUT (To Kill a Mockingbird)
FINCH (Addicus)
I had a guy in my class this semester whose name was Royal Ace and he went by RACE, cool huh.

amy m said...

A blessing to have a relationship like that. I like you, did not know how lucky I got.

I love "understanding continues to fill the space". Very poetic and full of meaning for me.

I feel I'm all out of girl names to help with your quest or at least I'm in no place to start considering. Good luck. It looks like you've been given lots of ideas.

Jeni said...

Oh, and Bryn or Brynne.

Becca said...

anna was almost named sylvie.

Julia said...

use my name

Mamatini said...

Blog-surfed into your post, and thought it'd be fun to add my two cents. I have two girls already, but had we been able to name a third, she would have been a Charlotte.

Krista said...

Hillary is always a fine name ;)
Barring that, I love the old fashioned names:

Jane, Sally, Hazel, Rose, Josephine, Harriet...

I love pondering names. Have fun and be well!

Lexi, Troy and Peyton said...

Someone once joked that if we had a girl we should name her Helen so that we could say she was 'Helen of Troy'. We were spared that since we had a boy first, but should we have a girl next, she will be our little Mia Sara.

True story: When I was a little girl, there was a girl in my 4th grade class that I adored and her name was Kivilina. I have never heard that name since but at the time I was so enchanted by it. I also had a friend named Melia and another named Wilhelmina in the
6th grade (we called her Willa for short) and I thought that those names were so unique.

Have fun picking a name- that's always the hardest part... finding that perfect name that makes your heart skip a beat!

Anonymous said...

Blog Linked to your blog and love it, here are my favorite girl names
Hazel- you already used that though
Lydia Jayn

Sara said...

Jordan! You are getting so close! How exciting! Oh, girl names...haven't had a chance to choose one of those! (yet, hopefully)

My two cents:


Jessica said...

So many good names!
How about Nora??

Anonymous said...

You have Lucy and Hazel--just try and find another cheesy 1950's black and white situation comedy sitcom name. I saw June was recommended--that would fit, so would Ethel.

Anonymous said...

I have always liked Esther.

michelle said...

Naming -- such a fun and weighty responsibility!

I always thought if I had a girl I would name her after my grandmother -- Charlotte -- but then when I did have a girl, it didn't feel right after all. I still love the name.


I love Grace, but I'm told it's getting too over-used. pity.

Anonymous said...

Aww.. Some one Put Lydia Jayne. Love it. here are my favs.

Brielle (Bre - el)

Jill said...