Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Doctor's appointment today. And I quote, "Nothing much happening there", as he checked for progress. So, back at home, filling my days with shuffling furniture for visitors, paying bills, deliberating on baby girl names (thank you one and all!), and seriously enjoying our April weather. Craig has prepped the pool for swimming soon. Seth asked about the planets and why we have the Earth, and how long did it take Heavenly Father to make it, and what were we doing while he was making it?--the usual small talk, Lucy is Lucy and we love her for that and anyway, Hazel daily tries out the baby's carseat sitting next to the bassinet in our room completely oblivious to the fact her world as she knows it will be gone in an instant. And for that instant we are waiting. Happy to be moving forward with life plans and day dreaming of great changes ahead. Newsie today, remember, I still have "pregnancy brain"--a type of discursive blockage.


Tasha said...

I'd been wondering. You know you can't go a day w/o blogging now or you will start getting a million phone calls!

rebecca said...

Thinking of you and your "instant" of change!!

amy m said...

Sorry about the "nothing happening" comment. I got that a lot. Of course it would be worse for them to say "lots of action", you get your hopes up, but no labor.

It is a bit heartbreaking to see your youngest loose their spot. Ah, changes changes changes.