Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Bougainvillea (Boo-gahn-vee-ah)

After a few windy days there are just as many Bougainvillea blossoms on the ground as there are on the branches. Today at lunch Seth commented, "Someone needs to suck those flowers up!" Dad!!

Well, Dad's working overtime for his small family. Not so small, actually. It seems strange that our 5 will be 6 in a matter of days.
My struggle of late: patience. It can be pinned down to the fact that I feel stretched--in more ways than one. This explains the frequent snapping. The irony here is that I don't want to be doing anything else. I'm doing exactly what I always planned and dreamed. I'm completely lucky. I have everything I need. I'm head-over-heels for my three kids. I have a doting spouse.

It seems perspective gets "blown off" too easily in my daily equation. Not only that, before I have a chance to notice what's missing it has been sucked up and ground to pieces. Something to work on?


The Original Mangums said...

I love your house, just wish you take all that with you, however, the place you get will be a wonderful garden when you are done. The colors here are just lovely, pleasing to the eye, and happy! Love you. Paula

Heidi said...

I love those flowers - we have those here as well. Wow - I didn't realize you had them right in your own backyard! You guys are sure spoiled! Hang in there - we'll be anxiously checking in to see if #4 has safely arrived :)

Sara said...

Seeing all that bougainvillea reminds me of visiting my Grandma's house in Scottsdale. I was just catching up on your blog and saw all those BEAUTIFUL homes. . . can't wait to see what you end up with. Come fall, I will be road tripping to your place my friend!

Tasha said...

Jordan, I am right there with you. What a blessing to have the financial choice to stay home. There isn't anywhere I'd rather be, and still I find myself being angry at times, feeling unappreciated, angry inside about filling up endless sippy cups. Perspective is right. They won't remember what we do most of the time, but they will remeber if we don't. The other night the Jazz were on (are they on every blasted night?) Evie was whining about something, Stella was in bed and I had set up a game for us to play and no one was coming to the table and I actually stomped my food and said "Come to the table you two! We are MAKING MEMORIES!!!" DAve just laughed and said "WEll as long as we are having fun!" Oh, we try! Those flowers are awesome. Isn't irritability a sign of impending labor? Don't know what MY excuse is, but maybe YOU are about to have a baby???

amy m said...

I am there with you. It is easy to loose sight of perspective. I often think of it at night before I go to bed...How I wish I had more patience with my girls. Will it come you think? Understanding, patience in the moment? I pray it does. For now I'm just doing my best and it certainly has to be good enough. Right?

beautiful flowers.

Ann said...

Ecuador has those flowers all over the place and they seem to last for a long time... I miss them just as you will miss them too.

Just think...soon we'll only be four hours apart!

Shannon said...

Jordan, I was so pleased to have a comment from you on our blog! I had to smile because I LOVE your blog and have been reading it for a long time whenever I get a chance. I really should have commented earlier. I want you to know that I am so impressed with you. You express yourself beautifully. I wish I had your talent! I have written down some of your quotes and personal thoughts on paper after I've read them on the computer because I don't want to forget them and because they were so well written. You are able to put things into words that I am not able to express. Thank you for allowing me into your world through your blog and helping me to see that there is at least one other person on the planet that often feels the same way I do about things.

This particular entry could have come straight from my journal! I am convinced that a little lack of perspective is excusable in a pregnant woman ready to give birth. The last few weeks of pregnancy are always intense for me. I suspect that you are doing a far better job than you realize. Isn't this a fun time in life?!

I am anxiously awaiting news of your sweet little #4! Best wishes from your old home in Louisiana!

Amy said...

Oh my. Your blossoms spilling all over the porch are breathtaking. And I love your analogy.

Amy said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. I've been admiring that final bougainvillea photo. So lovely, so incredibly prolific!

I would miss it too.