Friday, March 28, 2008

Pregnancy Notes: Week 35

I am making too many post-baby/big move plans. I need to slow down. Of any point in time, the advent of a newborn screechingly lays the rubber on the flow of daily life and completely halts any peripheral planning. At least for a while. There is plenty now to keep me in the left lane without my own additions. Instead of dreaming of my next marathon, camping trips to the beach, weekends with girlfriends, weekends with the boyfriend, home remodeling, garden plotting, after school explorations of a new city with my foursome, well, the list goes on--all gas-guzzling stuff, really--instead, I'll keep my hands on the wheel with this little turbo engine and her older siblings:


Kurt Knudsen said...

Aw, go ahead and plany away. It makes the time pass by much faster with fond thoughts of a fun future!
PS Love that Hazel face!

Jeni said...

Alright...I'm all caught up. It's amazing how much I miss when I'm "internet absent" for a week. Well, we're moved and I LOVE IT!

Rebecca said...

You might not plan out loud but I have found it is impossible to stop the thinking! I miss Hazel.