Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A Week of Love Letters: to Seth Noble

Dear Seth,

You have been blessed with many women in your life (with another on her way soon). Some have and will turn their nose up to this and snort, "poor Seth", but you are wiser. The women in your life are a boon. You are all gentleness and concern, you aim to please yet assert bravely your opinions and answers to the "questions" of life. Long before your almost-five-year-old maturity, your silver tooth, your big-boy underwear, even before solid foods, you have been an observer. As you grow older this perpetual observation has manifested itself into a kind of precise creativity. You are a perfectionist, you like things just so. After many minutes of giggles from the tickles and tumbles with Dad on the floor, I called all to the dinner table, when Dad began teasing about having snake tongues and frog feet for supper you quickly quipped, "Dad, don't be silly about the food." Silliness in it's place. Yesterday you asked, "Do our funny bones have smiley faces?" I love your logic, your curiosity, your great tenderness, and the intelligence that graces all of the above. I love you for you.


Your Mom


Rebecca said...

How perfectly put for amazing Seth! I love him, too.

rebecca said...

Jordan - I love these treasures! Thanks for letting us glimpse into your motherheart, and I know your children will find comfort when they read about their childhood through your eyes.

Tanya said...

My brother is the oldest of four with three younger sisters. I'm #3 (a Hazel). He is my hero and I LOVE LOVE LOVE him. As the only boy in our family, he has such a distinct place. I bet your girls feel the same for that cute Seth of yours!!!