Sunday, February 03, 2008


This morning, Seth crawled into bed with me (Craig had already left his spot vacant) and sidled up to my warm sleepy body. His was already chilled from being up making amazing feats out of tinker toys. These early morning snuggles never last more than a few seconds, actually. But, this mornings, the minutes ticked on as we dragged out "the cozy" as long as we could. Lucy joined us briefly, but only to solicit my banana peeling skills, then she was gone in a flash.
I love our littel rituals. By them, the children gage our day. They are as important to their comfort as knowing Craig will return to me is to mine.
Hazel goes to the cupboard and drags the bag of Shredded Spoonfulls to wherever I am and we set her up with a pile to munch on in the high chair. From here she alternately watches our morning unfold and demands more food. This is how she starts her morning--sometimes even before her diaper's been changed. Fruit leather in the car on the way to preschool with water unless it is bread day where we stop at the Whole Grain Bread Company for a fresh loaf--then, they enjoy a slice as a prelude to their early education. Lucy never finishes even 1//3 of hers. Hazel wads up the slimy pieces of her remaining portion and one by one hands them over to me--we throw them under the tree for the birds. Seth can't go into school without finishing his whole slice. Their personalities are strong and don't wait for me. I can only let them be...oh, and provide the rituals.
Finally, Seth and I decided breakfast (and Hazel's screeches from the back bedroom) could not be ignored any longer so we flew out of the covers for food. His: an asiago cheese bagel and blueberry yogurt, mine: a bowl of Shredded Spoonfuls. Lucy was just finishing her banana.


The Original Mangums said...

A very nice way to start the morning! I remember those days with great fondness sometime wishing I could turn back the clock and do it all over again. Enjoy each day, it's these memories that you will charish. Love you, Paula

Tasha said...

It is interesting, the rituals, and I often wonder what rituals my kids will remember most vividly. The sonic runs? Helping with dinner on the counter? I just hope there are more good than bad.

Jordan said...

I don't think I will ever wish to turn back the clock (but maybe this thought is a product of being "in the middle of it all"), though they will always be remembered with fondness.

Tasha, it is my daily prayer that the good outweigh the bad in the eyes of my children.

Miss Gabe said...

Can I tell you how much I love the positive mothering moments you bring up in your blog! It really is so tender to read and I almost feel like I am invading on your wonderful experiences.

Thank you for always sharing and for updating your blog so frequently. It is a part of my morning routine to check your blog!

Jeni said...

It's the rituals/routines that keep my day (and me) somewhat sane.

Rebecca said...

I love the sentence: "Their personalities are strong and don't wait for me." How blessed you are to realize this today and not when they are teenagers! Lovely thoughts.

Elizabeth said...

I love when the snuggles last a little while in the morning. We have fruit leather in the car on the way to school too.