Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Kids just like things plain

Flipping her hair while I brushed her pearly whites:

"Mom, look! My hair looks incredible!"

Sitting at the dinner table, I announced to Lucy, "You wear me out."
Her rebuttal, "Yes, I wear you out AND I wear my princess dress!"

Seth ruminating on the culinary habits of the young:

"Mom, do you know why I don't like sauce and pickles on my cheeseburger?"

No, why?

"Because I'm not as tall as you." He further explained, "When I get big like you I will eat sauce and pickles on my cheeseburger, but kids just like things plain."

True, true. It is all truth. They are full of it. This truth.



oh my. i love it.

Ann said...

Tell Lucy she can wear me out too if she wants!

Rebecca said...

Seth is way to wise for his age. I could use some of that wisdom. M

Kelly said...

I love all of these. Thanks for the morning laugh!

rebecca said...

So funny! I love the "wear you out AND I wear my princess dress!"