Monday, January 07, 2008

A Thank You Note

Crafting With Kurt (aka Grompa)
Dear Mom and Dad,

After you come it always seems to short, no matter the length, and I always feel we left a million things undone, unsaid, no matter what was done or spoken. I guess that's the fate of a family of five: life takes over. The feeding, the sleeping, the dressing, the getting-out-the-door, then the final end-of-the-day exhaustion where we barely stay awake for a few bites of gelato in front of the TV. But, keep coming Gromma and Grompa, your company is a bright gleam in our days where life has taken over. We promise, next time we'll give you your own room!

Missing you-j,c,s,l, and h


michelle said...

Sweet photo! (Where were you when you took it?) I always feel like there wasn't nearly enough time to do everything I wanted to do when my parents leave.

Amy said...

Such a sweet *thank you*!

Rebecca said...

Yes, it was way too short. Thank you for always making us feel so comfortable to just sit around and eat gelato! I love you all!

Katy said...

Nothing like coloring with grompa! And playing play-doh is even more fun 'cause he mixes the colors!

You need a name that starts with a vowel so you can spell something!