Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Happy ANNiversary

My parents' anniversary was eclipsed by Ann's birth. But that has always been okay. Now that I have children I realize you don't need your kids to celebrate your anniversary. In fact, it is better if they're not there!!! Happy 30-something years M and D!

sending the bride off on her honeymoon
As far as Ann, I have two words: in tune. Ann is in tune. She's in tune with those around her, with her environment, and with the spirit. Maybe that is why she remembers EVERYTHING (or at least seems to (;) In tune people feel things deeply and this makes life a roller coaster ride if anything. But the people that get to associate with them most intimately are the blessedest people around. I am blessed to know Ann. Happy Day, sis!


Rebecca said...

What a great photo. Happy Birthday ANN!

Tasha said...

What a great photo indeed! Happy Birthday and anniversary!

Ann said...

Thanks for your words Jord. I feel blessed to have you too! Love you.