Thursday, January 17, 2008

Blatant Complaining/Rejoicing


1. Uncle Scotty hasn't finished dental school and Seth's little tiny teeth have racked up a bill worthy of 30+ moonlighting/away from family hours for his Dad.

2. Some camera at some stoplight caught me speeding (barely) and I got stuck with another bill.

3. I'm feeling very single-momish at the present.

4. I'm feeling the atrophy setting in--not much time/motivation for true physical exertion.

5. Lucy just came tip-toeing out of her room claiming, "I pooped". She was right.

6. Sometimes our toilet just won't flush.

7. I have a headache.


1. Sylvia worked magic on the house today.

2. I received three birthday gifts in the mail!! Holy cow. Thank you Jones, Bakers, and sweet Tasha.

3. Did I mention the WHOLE house is clean--no--spotless?

4. Quiet.

5. Cool crisp sunny day.

6. Pool vacuum repaired.

7. Craig will be home with me all day tomorrow with a good night's rest--the possibilities are endless with such a combo.


Jeni said...

Aaron can't get out of school fast enough for us too!! Poor Seth. Poor Jordan...cameras at stoplights blow.

Speaking of poop. I think Calyn needs to be changed.

Jess B. said...

ICU months are SO hard! I understand! You are amazing to have such a great attitude. May we follow in your footsteps! Enjoy your day together tomorrow.

michelle said...

Thank heavens for the R-list! I need a Sylvia of my own.

Heidi said...

Feeling your pain too (although, not a belly bump pain) but emotional pain... Single-mom days/weeks are rough! I need a Sylvia too!

Jeni said...

I just noticed Craig has no shoes and fleece in the picture...

nie nie said...

do you want to play? how about a dinner date?

Michelle said...

Having your spouse home all day is just perfect! Enjoy and have a good weekend!

Jenny Dahl said...

Man if I could just talk my husband into giving this moonlighting thing a try. Enjoy the weekend!

The Original Mangums said...

Enjoy the day and the evening, you both deserve it! Love you, Paula

Melissa said...

I thought of you on our birthday!!! I hope yours was fabulous!!! I am looking forward to seeing you soon, I am dying to eat at your glorious table that I am always seeing in your photos!!!