Sunday, December 02, 2007

We'll Be Home For Christmas

It seems December is already passing me by and I've fouled up my attempt at the December project. A post a day this month. I will start now and make amends. To my credit, my regular "posting time" slot was taking up by a super sexy date with my Super Sexy watching this , which we really loved, and eating the BEST HANDCUT FRENCH FRIES in the universe here, not to mention the best hot fudge sundae with candied pecans in the universe. So last night...after what Craig has termed "the post date high" there was of course no time for anything virtual (heaven knows my day job does not relent for this sort of activity).

We're home all month. No traveling. No long hours in the car. No hotels. No flights. No overstuffed luggage and no port-a-cribs. We will notice a little ache and miss the extensions of "us": our faraway families, but we will also notice a certain contentment to be our own entity, doing our own thing, having a chance to forge our own traditions:

  • A daily chocolate advent calendar (note: get two next time),

  • our northern trek to pluck a tree (our gift from mother earth),

  • trim that tree, sip hot chocolate with marshmallows that night and sleep beneath her boughs(note: this won't work very well for another 5 years or so)

  • Drive around oohing and aahing at the neighborhood light displays and still talking about doing one at our house someday (:

  • A ride on the Polar Express to see the man himself at the North Pole

  • Christmas Eve dinner: roast pork with sauerkraut the star

  • Christmas Crackers (the kind with a surprise inside) that night and one gift unwrapped

  • A small program where everyone may perform

  • A reading of three things: the birth of Christ, The Gift of the Magi, and My Christmas Letter

  • Santa's stop on 22ND Place

  • Christmas morning will greet us with Danish Pastry (my first attempt this year, Dad) and then, of course the gifts and stuffed homemade stockings (note: make Lucy's and Hazel's)

  • This year a whole week to have Dad all to ourselves will be the crowd-pleaser and the best gift

That said, if you need a place to be the year, and you like pork...and sauerkraut for that matter, please come, we love love love company, especially this time of year.


aubrey said...

hello! i clicked over here from design mom...i hope you don't mind! what sweet traditions your family has. we have similar ones, though i need to get us one of those chocolate advent calendars..yum. we saw dan in real life a few weeks ago and thought it was really good too. i especially loved the soundtrack! well, have a good day and a lovely Christmas!

Natasha said...

Wow, I wish we had something like that Polar Exprerss here!

Natasha said...

Sorry, "Express."

Elizabeth said...

Last year we were home and it was wonderful. This year we are headed to California which will also be wonderful. I love your list of traditions. It is so fun incorporating old ones and starting new ones.

rebecca said...

Great family photo!
I am excited for you to fulfill your Christmas list, and for your jumping in to the project.
My Grandpa, from Czechoslovakia, made a ton of sauerkrout over the years - yummy! Not many people enjoy it!

michelle said...

I love staying home for Christmas. Port-a-cribs, flights, long hours in the car, taking all the gifts with you... not my idea of a great Christmas. But I do miss extended family greatly when they don't come to US!

We loved Dan in Real Life as well. That post-date high. Love it.

Kurt Knudsen said...

Your list gets me in the mood for Christmas. Listening to the MTC Christmas CD as I type. Good luck with the new floors.

Shannon said...

I laughed and cried through "Dan in Real Life." We loved it. I would love to eat kraut and pork at your house. Christmas at home is wonderful.

Amy said...

I feel the magic of your December plans just reading this. I love the family picture. I need to making taking those more of a tradition at this house.

Emily S. said...

You have such a beautiful family!