Monday, December 10, 2007

Sunday Gem

At ten minutes to eleven I'm all wrapped up in a cozy blanket. I just shared two mugs with my love: a mug of creamy tomato soup and a mug of creamy hot cocoa. So, in this blissful state, before I dim the tree lights and crawl into bed with him (after taking two Benedryl for some bizarre rash we are attributing to pregnancy) I thought I'd leave you with a gem I heard today.

Quoted by the Sunday school teacher quoting her nineteen-year-old son in Brazil:

"If you lose yourself in the work, then you won't go crazy."

I've found, upon pondering, this applies to everything, especially motherhood (the heaviest hood of all).


Jeni said...

Tomato soup and hot cocoa...must be a pregnancy thing :)

Rebecca said...

Great angles of repose!

Melissa said...

Did the rash start on your breasts? If so you had better go see your doctor because you may have PUPPs. I had it with my daughter and it is terrible. The baby absorbs all of the nutrients out of your skin and it will spread all over your body. It will blister and look like poison ivy. I hope you don't have it, but it will not hurt the baby.


rebecca said...

Sometimes I have to unlose myself, too.

Yikes - good luck with the mystery rash.

Ann said...

So true Jordan. It definitely applies to every aspect of life.

Sara said...

Beautifully said.


aubrey said...

i wish i had read this on sunday when you posted it. how appropriate with the thoughts that were mulling around in my head that day. i've been so mopey about being away from family for the holidays and it came to me. or rather, it was whispered to me, to just serve. so, i'm digging in and finding out what i can do with the flood victims. thanks for this sweet quote from your brother.