Monday, December 17, 2007

Soup Week: Day One

Me: "I love this soup."

Craig: "You love ALL soup."

It's true. And truth like this must not be squandered. So I'm devoting a whole week to just soup: the most nourishing meal-in-a-bowl that always warms, always satisfies--if you stew the right ingredients, of course.

By the by, Craig loves my soup, too, but he is, more truly a sandwich guy. Perhaps a week in May for the most nourishing meal-between-bread.

Butternut Squash Soup with Smoked Paprika

There is something elemental about roasting a vegetable and turning it into a taste sensation. But, my dears, I've made Butternut Squash Soup before--this version will change your life. The recipe (scroll down a bit to get to it) is from Shauna at Gluten Free Girl, a site I love to cook from as well as read.

The Smoked Spanish Paprika adds an exotic sort of feel. But then there is the trio of herbs that leave only their essence behind after you push the mixture through the sieve. And let's not forget the addition of jasmine rice--it gives that extra sort of fulfillment to the dish. So, blah, blah, blah. Just make it, try it, devote an evening to the squash and your kitchen stove top (because, though most soups I make are quite quite simple, this one takes a little doing, if you know what I mean).

My favorite part of making most soups is the "sweating" of the vegetables and herbs (and spices if they are also participating). If anyone is home, this step will have them peeking around the corner to find the source of the scent.

The scent of soup.

We ate this with a Spicy Farmer's Market Fresh Salad:

Baby Arugula (that peppery green)

Radish halves (that peppery vegetable)

Whole red carrots

And a dressing of Balsamic vinegar, olive oil, honey, and salt and pepper


rebecca said...

By far the best news of the day - a week of soup from my favorite chef. And you started with butternut squash... be still my heart!

Jenny Dahl said...

Sounds delicious! I just might venture away from the grilled cheese and macaroni long enough to give it a try, though I'm sure I'll be dining alone.

Rebecca said...

Let me come to dinner!

Tasha said...

I made a home made cream of wild mushroom soup on friday and it was to die for. Evie even ate the whole bowl-full. That was one thing I really missed when we were in NOLA was that I love soup, love making it, love soup weather and its pretty hard to enjoy a hearty bowl of chicken noodle when it is 80 in November!

aubrey said...

can i come over to your house for dinner? pretty please.

so.. i made butternut squash soup last holiday season and holy crap cutting up that squash was tons of work. so.. for the rest of the season i just bought costco butternut squash soup in the refrigerator section. i'm a wimp, i know.