Monday, December 10, 2007


This is an old photo. It is of Lucy and me in Sedona. Both of us have aged quite a bit since it was taken and it is because of each other.

My mom says, "Lucy is going to be the President of the United States."

I say, "She has to learn how to sit down first." And, I'll add, come when her mama calls.

Today I did a test. I was collecting the kids at Smalland in IKEA. After shoeing them and then shooing them in the direction of the snack stand where we were going to indulge in some soft-serve cones, Lucy just wasn't following, nor was she heeding my pleading to "Come, please!" So I timed it:

Seven minutes. It took her seven minutes (I usually intervene with some sort of arm-grab/whole-body pick-up before even 3 minutes have passed). Seven minutes is a long time, folks. And our destination was ice cream! Imagine how long I would have stood there had our plan been "home to bed". To add insult to injury, when she finally came, it wasn't on her own initiative, but the nice IKEA lady warned her that "honey, your Mommy is leaving you!"

I know there is something about her little two-year-old brain that precludes her from making proper connections. Something about synaptic spasms or misfiring neurons. I don't know. I may be making all of this up. But, I have two more of these spastic phases to trudge through--one of them isn't even born yet.

Now, I must add, as everyone knows, and everyone does:

I love Lucy.


Elizabeth said...

Thanks for the cute Christmas card of your cute family. The design is great. I have another to help through that stage also. First I have the baby year though. I am not sure which on is harder for me.

rebecca said...

Ah, 2. (And sadly, sometimes "Ah, 3 and 4" depending on the child.) 7 minutes? Wow. I have no idea how you allowed yourself to wait and time it. I am impressed with both of you and your staying power. Hazel and Beatrix will both be calm, obedient, and S L O W. Right?
I love Lucy, too.

Rebecca said...

I not only love Lucy I adore her. I adore her independence and spunk and concentrating exactly on that moment and not letting anything else distract her. That is a gift. I hope she doesn't loose it. I want to be like Lucy. Maybe some day.

Michelle said...

I love what you had to say about Lucy especially all the frustrating parts. I remember when Rose was that age and very feisty, my will against hers. But then a year or two passes and you recognize the amazing mind and all those connections in that mind start to make the most lovely person- someone you can actually enjoy, I'm getting bits of that these days. I get very exhausted thinking of another child in toddler years- I don't think I can afford to age that much!! Wonderful words as always.

Ann said...

I love Lucy too!

Jeni said...

I love that picture of you two.

Kurt Knudsen said...

I love Jordan and I love Lucy.
By the way, 2 year old Jordan was very similar to you know who...

aubrey said...

max is not even two and he's doing that. he likes to run in the opposite direction.