Saturday, December 29, 2007

Double Dose

Always at the turn of a new year, I begin to shuffle, rearrange, and de-clutter. Always around the middle of my pregnancies, I begin to shuffle, rearrange, and de-clutter. We're gettin' a double dose over here folks. So, here's my question(s):

Does this look too crowded:

And this, too empty:


Before you answer, I'll tell you what I like: the resurrection of our relatively tiny kitchen table near the french doors. The light is great in the day and gives dining a near al fresco feel. The huge area in between the tables allows for much pajama sliding, and bouncing as well as some boogy woogy when the mood sets in.

In the "TV room" we've put all the cushy seating. It does lend a cozy feel but not much room for much of anything in the way of movement and space. Will claustrophobia set in when you sit in for a movie? Not pictured in the photo is another book case in the back corner--I must note.


Ann said...

I think it looks great Jord. You want to see a tiny kitchen? Come on over!

ingrid said...

I love your style. How do you keep your children from not breaking those beautiful vases? We have all our "breakables" hidden away or very high up and away. I'm impressed!

Jill said...

I think your arrangements look great, it's so nice that you have have so much comfy seating. It's also nice you have plenty of room for pajama sliding, dancing, block building and whatever else your cuties need to do in that space.

rebecca said...

It looks cozy, and well-proportioned. I remember those couches and chairs!

Michelle said...

I like your cozy space. I like your open space- both are great. I love that you like color!