Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2007: An Excerpt From Our Lives

It was a rough one. I'm not going to beat around the bush and hum and haw or ooh and aah about it. It was a rough one. Yet somehow the best one so far. There is nothing like pulling through the muck to cement you further to those you love. The pictures (outtakes, if you will) are our children captured in their moments each month of the past year. To accompany them is an excerpt from Craig's letter:

"2007 starts with ushering in year 29 of your life, past partum, ending the breastfeeding. Getting back into exercising regularly. Three of three kids wearing diapers. Large diaper bill. Drove to Utah for a baby blessing and you dared your husband to run naked up the canyon. He did. You flew Seth home to have an almond removed from his right main bronchus. Paid for a speeding ticket your husband acquired racing home to be with you. Row fifteen to see the good ol' USA beat Mexico 2-0. Motherhood hiatus in Portland. Five days of good food, friend, no kids. Return home to two children in diapers and a balder husband. Lucy celebrates two. Lucy goes to the ER for lost Scorpion battle.Multiple pool parties, lots of nudity, otterpops, train park rides, love affair with blog world. Occasional husband sightings due to residency. Sedona trip. Five days in the "Windy City", no kids, good food, gross pizza, Craig turns 31. Joshua tree travel, beautiful sky. Car accident, minor, car accident, moderate--new van. Seth turns four. Six years of marriage. Wedding bells in Utah. Gain new brother-in-law. Surprise in the Temple. No AC in Craig's car, have to listen to him complain. Private art studio tour. Lucy learns to potty--one kid in diapers. Doable diaper bill. Year two of preschool for Seth, Lucy close on his heals. Train for a half marathon, run a half marathon. Surprise! Your pregnant. Congratulations. Parents selling your old house. You get new table, beds, chairs, armoire and a helicopter. Congratulations. Moonlighting husband. No husband sightings. Seth and Soccer. New sexy hairdo. Sick Hazel turns one and walks. Cheer Craig across St George finish line then send him to Seattle. Halloween fun with Sandersons. Survived one of the hottest Arizona summers to date and Craig's complaining. Congratulations. Ogden trip, new niece. Thanksgiving with many Mangums. Hiked Zions. Cut a Christmas tree. Hosted a kick A Christmas party. Put in new flooring. Painted. Lassoed the Polar Express. All this while maintaining a happy ever after marriage and performing countless un-noted deeds to better the lives of three "littles"."














The Balaziks said...

I LOVE love love visiting your page. And even tho we are only Aaron & Jeni's friend I have to say I enjoy reading how the "other" Mangum's are doing. Now if only I could figure out how to do the side by side pics like ya'll. Figuring it out has been a nightmare. Happy 2008!!!

Elizabeth said...

I love your year in photos. And catching up on your festivities. A letter from my husband is my favorite gift ever as well. Happy New Year!

The Original Mangums said...

A hard year, but a great year! Love the pictures; the children are growing,learning, and wish we could be closer! Have a happy New Year, hope 2008 will be just as good, if not much better!

TX Girl said...

I love that your husband writes you a letter to recap your year. Great idea. It sounds like a crazy tops turvy year, but also fabulous. Love that you take pics each month. Another great idea.

Heidi said...

What a great recap! A hard year, but I'm sure you are looking forward to a wonderful residency-free year in a few months! Yipee!

Amy said...

I love the idea of condensing my year into a paragraph. Yours sounded so full in that short format! And I love your own photo recap. Happy New Year to you.

amy m said...

I think in life if we didn't have those moments to cement us where would we be or rather what kind of people would we be? You're an amazing woman and it definitely shows in how you live.

love the letter.

michelle said...

What a great retrospective! The letter, the photos. And when you condense the year like that, it's amazing all the things that happened in 2007. Here's hoping you have enough cement to last you through 2008 with fewer difficulties (or at least E.R. visis!).