Tuesday, November 06, 2007

"What about life?"

my thoughtful boy and his crush: Hazey

Every single night before I close his door, Seth's little mouth peering above the edge of the blanket asks, "What will we do when we wake up?"

So, I've learned, from this, to always have a plan--mostly so he is satisfied and will finally say, "Goodnight"--I admit, but also so that I'm always one step ahead.

Tonight Seth was several steps ahead of me. After we settled on "going on a walk" for the morning's activity (he added, "down the sidewalk, past that fountain, then turn there, then turn there"), he asked, "What are people made of?"

"Bones and blood, and skin, and hair, and muscle." (and in my mind: "and lots of other complicated, intangible things")

"What about the World?" Feeling a bit too fatigued to go into all that makes up this world I mentioned that we should, besides our walk tomorrow, find a globe where we can look at the world and also answer of Seth's questions, "where are all the rivers?" (Because they aren't in Phoenix.) I motioned as if to duck out of the room and close the door and then...

"What about Life?"

I ducked back in, leaned on the end of his bed and declared: "What about Life? Well, Seth, I think that, really, Life is made out of Love. Love makes Life. And Love really makes up Life, too."

His reply, "Where are the bones in a worm?"


rebecca said...

Just popping in before bed for a little Mangum bedtime story, and you, of course, did not disappoint. Seriously, Jordan. So glad you wrote this one down. It made my week.

Sara said...

Yes, where are they? That Seth is a very inquisitive boy! Loved this story.

Rebecca said...

You have a brilliant young man on your hands!

Kurt Knudsen said...


TX Girl said...

Love your recap of saying "Good Night" to your very curious little boy. What thought provoking questions! I would have a hard time too ducking out of the room without answering them.

Lulu is similar when it comes to understanding the plans for the next day. A couple of days ago she walked into our room at 7am and asked if I had called Ms. Carrie. (I promised I would call and make arrangements for her to have a play date with her BFF Maren and she was curious to see what had been arranged. ) She also asks "where am I going tomorrow". I love that she is a planner

The Original Mangums said...

What a treat! Life is never dull at your house and can be depened upon to stretch the imagination and tax the brain!

The Original Mangums said...

Oops! I really can spell, sometimes anyway!