Wednesday, November 28, 2007

That Glow

turquoise and red flatter each other, no?

I pulled out our mini table-top tree already strung with lights and plugged it in. That sealed the deal. That glow. It whispers something into the air and you just can't stop. You begin to unwrap all the previous years ornaments (of course hoping their hue will correlate with this years colors), scope out space for "the tree", hang the stockings (two yet to be sewn this year), plant the (red) amaryllis in a tall clear vase with white pebbles, and...hide the already-been-boughten gifts. I love, too, that this holiday is all-over-celebrated somehow. There is a certain global connection as we deck our halls and prepare for a
Merry Christmas.


Katy said...

They do flatter. I still have a stocking to sew, also. We just can't keep ahead, can we? I've had the materials sitting on my desk for a week now.

We bought shatter-proof ornaments for the girls to hang on the lower branches and the "fun" ones we saved for ourselves to hang. I'll post pictures soon.

FYI--did you know it's most "green" to buy a real tree--they say the plastics used to make fake are harmful to the environment, are difficult to recycle, as well as often contain lead. I found it interesting.


it looks absolutly wonderful!

Rebecca said...

I too love Christmas. I think celebrating such an important event just brings joy even in all the rush of getting ready. I love the red and turquoise make a perfect combo!

Amy said...

The turquoise and red are fabulous. I'm eager to see your finished product!

Ann said...

Our kitchen is turquoise and it!

Jeni said...

Aaron and I put our tree up last are coming.

Merry Christmas!

michelle said...

I am a big fan of red & turquoise together -- can't wait to see more photos!