Friday, November 23, 2007

Pregnancy Notes: Week 17

I find it humorous that the growth of my little girl fetus is compared to various fruits and vegetables, since those edibles vary widely in size. But, this week, she's a turnip. I find my BP and my HR begin to rise when I think of the logistics of a fourth in the brood. I am finding also the need to lean more on the miracle of this new turnip and her siblings instead of the work load increase her arrival will demand.
My sweet sister-in-law mentioned to us over Thanksgiving dinner that she wouldn't, for anything in the world, want to go back to the place in time where we find ourselves now (her three are 11, 8, and 6). This quip helped me kick things into perspective: losing my mind is normal, going weeks at a time without scrubbing the toilets is expected, and spending whole days without ever speaking to another adult is par for the course. Also, it won't always be this way, even in the blink of five short years we will be whistling another tune (or even whistling at all).
Uncle Mark and Aunt Janna hosted a seamless Thanksgiving and with Seth's buddy, Lauren, will be sealed to little 2-year-old Riley tomorrow where we will all get a dose of perspective and the true miracle of making families.


Katy said...

I, too, admit to going weeks between toilet scrubbings. I can tell it was pretty bad when Ryan, who says he doesn't notice a dirty bathroom, went out and bought those drop-in-the-tank toilet cleaners. I still had to scrub it, though.

You can do 4. You just adjust, like anything else in life. You let some things slip and focus on the essential, until, before you know it, your kids are actually useful! Pearl, Divine, and Olive set the table, clear, sweep, and help unload the dishwasher (and I'm sure the coaxing I have to do will lessen with time, right?)

Elizabeth said...

My husband just bought the drop in the tank things too.
I try to look at it as a vacation from those certain tasks. Someday I will have all too much time to be scrubbing.
I follow a fruit calendar also. I have a large mango. Sex after second ultrasound still undetermined.

rebecca said...

I hope you've had a great trip - are you home? I have been thinking of you lots, for some reason. Do we need to plan a trip?

You CAN and WILL do 4, all the luckier for yours. I love this toilet talk, because, really, it puts it all in perspective. Thank goodness you are pushing daily scrubbing to the back of the list, where it belongs, right now.


i love how you put this jordan

michelle said...

It's imperative that you keep that perspective in this stage of life!