Thursday, November 01, 2007

Ode to October 31

Whilst Hazel napped on Halloween
We made tributaries in a stream
Sent petals rushing to the dam
And filled our pum'kins full o' sand

Then we three, trimmed our Tree

Twas twigs we needed: thirteen

T'be handles on our carmeled fruit

To eat before we gathered loot.

Old friends dress'd to the nines

Played our company this time.

'Til next time, Halloween so sweet,

Our bellies ache from all the treats!


Jeni said...

Mmmm...caramel apples. There's a candy shop called Rocky Mountain Candy Factory (or something like that) which sells caramel apples rolled in milk and white chocolate chips. Delicious.

Amy said...

You haven't poemed on your blog in a while...yay! That's a whole lot of little Halloweeners in that last picture!

Ann said...

Sounds spooktacular!

Michelle said...

I love your little poem! Looks like you guys had a wonderful night. Have a great weekend!

Kurt Knudsen said...

Your poem was apt
and nature's sticks
as handles were just
right for Fall.
Cute Spooks!

Kurt Knudsen said...

I love your big sticks!

michelle said...

I do love it when you post poems...