Monday, November 26, 2007

Family Ties and Turkey

With thoughts of stuffing and sweet potatoes still dancing in my head, I just ate a broccoli and cheese quiche from TJ's because the fridge is otherwise empty. We managed a meager dinner and the kids are all in bed.

Poor Hazel's nose is stuffed to overflowing with boogs and she didn't even get her nightly bottle of warm sweet milk (no post-trip trip to the g-store today). She is still mad at me because I can hear her, but I think it's the boogs talking.

Lucy and Seth are happy to be in their own beds tonight. Each hotel room we entered (and there were three this pask week), Seth would ask, after a quick walk-through, "Where are all the toys?"When we walked in the door (out of which Craig immediately left for work) Seth ran into his bedroom and announced "All my toys are still here!!!" We are so relieved for that fact and also grateful for a familiar place.

That said and before I've even unpacked the was our lovely week in photographs with the Mangum Clan a la Ogden, UT:

four of the five (with babes--Laurie included!)

The glowing family of the hour
Car David Mangum (with his son in his eyes)

Seth atop Uncle Tom (no that is not his real name)

You know the rest!

*A Special Thanks to Mark and Janna for their gargantuan effort in bringing us all together to savor such a sweet occasion.


Michelle said...

Those darn boogs! Daisy has had them for a month now! It it always fun cooking and sharing food with people that like to cook- One day we will have to share a meal!

Michelle said...

And guess what I have that same coat you have on! You know what they say about great minds.:)

Amy said...

Jordan, you have so much dang style. I never manage to look decent when I'm pregnant..but you're all stylish in your cute coat. Nothing sweeter than a sealing. We were sealed with our Aidan when he was three weeks old. I have a horrible memory, but those moments are crystal clear in my mind.

Kelly said...

It looks like a wonderful time -- they are, indeed, glowing! Your leafy coat is fabulous! Sorry about the nose troubles for little Hazel.

Katy said...

Yes, love the coat! That's nice you were able to be there for the sealing of a beautiful family.

rebecca said...

Yes, cute coat! I am glad you had a great trip - nothing better than coming home to one's own toys!

Jenny said...

I ditto Amy. Do you EVER look bad? That photo of Craig's dad is awesome.

Welcome home!

Shannon said...

Ditto to all. I must comment on the coat once more. Fabulous.

Emily S. said...

The coat is adorable but I also love your baby's dress - my baby has one just like it!

michelle said...

What is that cutest coat you are wearing?!!