Saturday, November 03, 2007

Bappy Hirthday Shlee!!

When I stayed up in Provo with my parents while Craig conferenced in October, Ashley invited me AND ALL OF MY KIDS to spend the day in Salt Lake with her. Did I mention she also invited ALL OF MY KIDS. This says oodles about her. First of all, she dares to take on any task. Secondly, she takes things in stride. The behavior that sometimes comes from my three littles is enough to ruffle anyone's feathers. Ashley does not ruffle. She is so even-tempered (a quality I spend a lot of energy trying to develop each day.) Also, this shows she is a good sister. She saw that we needed a day out of the house and sacrificed a day relaxing at home to trek the streets of SLC (did I mention she's pregnant?)
She will be a wonderful mother because she is does not hesitate to get down on their level--that is really all it takes--that kind of humble love. I like that she is saying "cheese" here along with the kiddos.
Lunch at the Soup Kitchen in Sugarhouse. Ashley is never there just for the ride. She pushes the stroller, helps resolve issues, distracts, feeds. This is just what a sister needs. I hope I can be there for her as she and her lovely husband begin their own family (she is having a boy in March!). Ashley is one of a kind. I love you, sis.


Shawna B. said...

Happy Birthday, Ashley! Happy Birthday, Hazel! Both lovely ladies.

Rebecca said...

Happy birthday to Ashley! I agree with Jorda !10% and more. Love you!

annalisa said...

I need a sister to teach me even-temperedness. Happy Birthday Ashley!

The Baker's Goods said...

Thanks Jordan, Mom told me that you'd done a blog tribute to me and I started getting teary eyed and I hadn't even read the thing! Love you, Ash

michelle said...

Everyone needs a sister who gets down in the trenches with you. Wonderful.