Sunday, October 21, 2007

A Lesson In Patience

This morning Seth was feeling upset for an unknown (to us) reason. He has always been a pretty even-tempered boy except for a stint just after he turned three where he threw some of his first tantrums. At 4 1/2, he has long since moved on from tantrums to threats.

As we were preparing for church he announced in a gruff voice, "I am going to push the house down!"

I answered that that was fine, go ahead, but don't be sad when it rains on us (ha!) or the bugs crawl all over us while we are trying to sleep, or other creepy crawlies get us.

He thought for awhile and seemed to have determined carrying out his plan was worth the risks involved. So he asked me, "Mom, tell everyone I'm knocking the house down."

"Attention everyone, Seth is knocking down the house." Then he exerted some force on the door frame by the porch.

"It's too hard."

A perfect lesson that I hope to take to heart: it takes much much more energy to carry out anger-initiated actions. I lose my patience. This fact has produced some of my most un-proud moments that I'd rather forget. But, I have also been able to teach my children about apologizing, admitting you were wrong, explaining why you were angry and asking for forgiveness. I would rather not lose patience, but the inevitable forces me to gain something from such a loss.

Thank you, Seth, for this reminder and for not knocking our house down.


Kelly said...

These are good lessons for everyone, I think.

I'm glad to hear that the lime is treating you a bit better these days! Here's to showers before breakfast #1!

Rebecca said...

Yes, sometimes you just say, go ahead, do it.

Tasha said...

I am still learning that lesson. Why don't I laugh instead of cry sometimes???

Sweet Seth, awesome mom!

Amy said...

Patience is my never-ending lesson, and I fear I haven't mastered it even enough for my 4-year-old A at times. I think if he came to me with a gruff desire to push the house down, I couldn't say "go ahead" because he'd actually find a way to do it. Strange, wondrous little boy creatures.

Jeni said...

I'm actually losing patience at this very child is whining unnecessarily. I'm about to go throw her in her crib for a nap.

It's currently raining. We're normally at the park right now. Cabin fever is setting in.

Michelle said...

A life long lesson that is useful in so many aspects of life in general. Thanks for the reminder!

Ann said...

Seth is a character. I bet those kiddies keep you entertained.

rebecca said...

Sometimes I feel that I expect more of them than I do of myself, in this arena.

michelle said...

Waiting out the anger -- definitely a hard lesson, but one worth learning. But as you said, learning to apologize is also a good lesson.

amy m said...

I agree a lesson worth learning, but aren't they all. Me, still working on patience. I'm so grateful they're so forgiving.