Thursday, October 11, 2007


We went with Grompa to Pumpkinland at Grants Plants out in Vineyard. Yesterday in the car Seth began imagining all different kinds of "lands":

"Mom, what's in Snowland?"
"Probably lots of snowmen, icicles and igloos."
Then after he discovered I didn't know the way to Snowland he asked, "What is in Grassland?"
"Ya, and lots of pretty caterpillars."
"In Mountainland there are lots of rocks", he asserted.
Pause, think. "Mom, what is in Leafland?"
"Hot dogs?"
More pondering, then, "But, Disneyland is the best of all the lands."

Last night laying in bed I began to drift way back to the time when my mind's matter was spent on thinking up Dreamlands. It is almost as if it is just to fuzzy now for me to get such clear pictures that I know were appearing behind Seth's bright blue eyes. What's your dreamland? Do you know the way?


jayniemoon said...

We went to pumpkinland yesterday! I wished we'd have bumped into you!

As for your question, any land that is warm, has treats and good food, and family (with no obligations to hurry us) is a dreamland for me!

Shannon said...

How sad. We missed you there also.

Elizabeth said...

I am a daydreamer and my dreamlands change but are always ready when I need them. They were mostly beachlands while I lived in Utah.. Now they seem to be more of the cobblestone streets and fruit vendor variety. I love wandering through mine.

Jeni said...

My "dreamland" would to be able to drift off INTO dreamland. I was spoiled with a baby that began sleeping 10 hours straight at night at 6 weeks. Now, my teething 6 month old decides she wants to wake up at 4 in the morning...ugh. Plus to complicate matters, we share a room with her. I'm dreaming of a full night's rest.

Second Choice: The mall with a No Limit credit card that I don't have to pay back!

Michelle said...

Dream land is my friend! My dreamland is anywhere in all my travels where I am conscious of beautiful surroundings and feeling grateful.

amy m said...

I love dream land, where fears don't exist and there are good people all around. Mine is a place of comfort, joy, of course it is always fun when you can take someone with you.

michelle said...

Mmmm, Dreamland. Somewhere where there is family, it's not too hot, there is a body of water nearby, preferably a beach or a river, and there is good food.