Thursday, October 18, 2007

Cranberry Soother

Is it a confection? a sauce? ice cream? or a fruit relish? It doesn't matter. It is a treat, I make it every year around this time and sometimes even in the summer. Here's the recipe:

2 cups frozen fresh cranberries
1 Tablespoon orange rind
Two or more whole oranges, peel sliced off
1/2 cup or more cane sugar

Simply process all ingredients together in a food processor and voila! Eat immediately for a frostily sweet-tart refreshment or store in closed container in the fridge for up to 3-4 days and serve juicily with turkey and stuffing later on.


Rebecca said...

YUM! I want that on some turkey NOW! MOM

Shannon said...

That loods/sounds fabulous.

rebecca said...

I am writing this one down.

Katy said...

It's a good one.

amy m said...

It does sound refreshing, but maybe not today when it's 30 degrees outside.

michelle said...

Huh. It looks very similar to my cranberry sauce, only in icy form. I think I would like it!