Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Calm AFTER the Storm

picture, courtesy of my Dad's green thumb

Last night: too much pillow talk too late, one mid-night pee, one mid- night puke (both by Lucy), several mid-night put-her-back-in-bed trips, one early morning snack (by Hazel)=two tired parents.

So, that was the storm.

The calm: a whole day together, all together (except for the 3 hours of moonlighting at the urgent care clinic for Craigy). After preschool we five took our favorite 51 up to the Whole Foods Market (a treat of an errand) and wandered around sampling teeny tiny apples, black pepper potato chips, feta-stuffed green olives, mango salsa, and strawberries on a stick. We wandered and wandered until at last we had all picked out lunch for the afternoon as well as several take-home goodies. Upon returning home we set up the tent out back and while the Oldest Three (Craig, Seth, and Lucy) camped in a sweaty canopy I was granted a soft and heavy, Tuesday, day-after nap.

When I emerged groggily from the bedroom: Hazel came cooing and waddling over to my lap where we shared a cherry/apple fruit leather. Seth was hiding and Lucy was seeking for tiny little bowling pins in the backyard.

Before he scooted off to work: Craig bathed the kittens and we dined al fresco out back of course. I snacked on my crostini and Doux de Montagne cheese I snatched up at the Market. The kids: I knew they wouldn't get through much more than strawberries, yogurt and pretzels after the pile of candy wrappers I found in the tent.

On the couch: we discussed pictures of things found in nature (feathers, earthworms, pussy willows, and avocado stones) and read The Little Engine That Could.

Now: the tent is still propped outback, the kittens are purring, the kitchen beckons with our late-evening meal yet to be prepared for his return: apricot glazed Ham, fluffy whipped potatoes, mom's thanksgiving dressing, and roasted brussel sprouts.


Katherine said...

That meal sounds delicious. I love Whole Foods. I should be able to shop there whenever I want and it should only take me a few miles to get there! How was the cheese? Aren't naps the best? I'm glad you got one after a rough night.

Katy said...

I wish we had a Whole Foods. And Trader Joes. And IKEA. Sorry, though, I won't move to AZ. I also wish we could get together for these activities...NC? And trade off our kids on our break-down days (hopefully they don't coincide with each other-THAT wouldn't be good.)

rebecca said...

Lovely. Can I come over for dinner?

Rebecca said...

Kiss the kittens for me!

nie nie said...

you are so charming!

The Original Mangums said...

Jordan, you really must write a book, or an article or something, love your blog. What time did you say "come for dinner", I don't want to be late! Hug the kids for me/

amy m said...

sounds like a seriously lovely day.

michelle said...

Oh, that dinner menu... I so want to come to dinner at your house.