Monday, September 17, 2007

Ten Trips on Tuesday

I visit these place from the comfort of my little living room while the littles sleep:
1. Part of "my history" revealed

2. I'm watching these nieces grow

3. And this one, too!

4. I get a little absentee "taste" of these

5. Sharing a pregnancy (she is due 1 1/2 months before me)

6. Reminiscing about "newlywed days" via them

7. Basking in "garden" and "all sorts of other envy" from these pictures

8. Getting a quick "cute kid" fix here

9. Glimpses of mothering in Western Canada, here

10. She's yummy and funny in one breath


Amy said...

In these mostly at-home days, I would be lost without my blog connections to those I love. I have some sisters who live far too far away!

I still think your parents are amazing.

rebecca said...

That was a fun ride. More! More! I'll have to share my links with you, too. For starters, I think you'll like
Scroll down to see what they served for their recent!

Jordan said...

Rebecca! I'm totally in love!! Just fantastic. I would love to start a "Food Writing" blog. I want more! more! from YOU.

michelle said...

What a lot of fun trips! I am jealous that your parents have blogs -- so fun, such a great way to keep in touch. (And I loved the story on your mom's!) Also I can't get enough of the food blogs...

amy m said...

i love how the internet allows you to go to so many places without leaving your home...without leaving the couch.