Saturday, September 01, 2007

The Hottest Summer To Date

That's what the news told me. We've had almost a month's worth of 110-degree-or-above weather this summer and there are no signs of relenting. So here are ten ways we are staying cool:

1. Nudity
2. Eating Otter Pops while nude
3. Minimal stove top cooking
4. The Garden Hose
5. Swimming nude
6. Keeping the AC at 78 instead of 80
7. Sleeping with just the sheet
8. Moving as little as possible
9. Dreaming of August evenings in Provo on the "Patio" playing Scum

10. Doing all of the above, Nude.

How do you stay cool? Oh wait, your summer is over, never mind.


Michelle said...

My hat's off to you and your remedies for the heat! Using the stove in heat and in our case humidity is enough to make you choose starvation- I'm sure you know this all too well. I love all the photos!

Elizabeth said...

We had a crazy cool summer and now that the kids are back to school it is so hot. I love your remedies. Right now mine is sit my prego body in front of the closest fan.
Who else have you met beside Shannon? I can't wait to meet you someday also. If you ever plan a Hawaiian vacation you are welcome to have our guest room.

Kurt Knudsen said...

It was fun being cool with you on the patio playing scum--but I saw no nudity-shucks!

Jenny said...

I would say pool it, but I am sure that the pool is well above cooling off temperatures.

Cute photo of the kiddos. If it's an help, we are pretty warm out our way as well :)

Jeni said...

No, OUR summer is not over...yet. We just move into the next season "late" summer. I stay cool by staying in an air-conditioned house, driving in an air-conditioned car, and avoiding the outdoors at all costs.

rebecca said...

Well, that's a whole lot of nudity at the Mangum's. Looks like you have the right idea!

Crystalyn said... the nude! i don't know how you stand the heat. i would be in a serious bad mood! come our way again and cool off!

michelle said...

It's still summer here, but at least we are only in the mid-90s. 110! I think I would sit in front of a fan and move as little as possible. Though otter pops in the nude do sound fun!

amy m said...

I am hot just thinking about it. I think the only thing you can be is nude...well put.

Here's to hoping next time around you get your lush green summer with misty rain.

Jill said...

Cute and lucky kids!