Friday, September 14, 2007

7 Weeks

I showed Seth a picture of our blueberry-sized embryo on the computer today. He looked for a moment then demanded, "Turn it on!" He apparently wanted it to show some sort of movement. All in good time, my Seth.


Elizabeth said...

So true so true.
My K is always talking about what he is going to do with the baby right when it comes out. He thinks it is going to come out running.

michelle said...

How can they possibly grasp what is happening when it's hard even for us to comprehend? (And how can something blueberry-sized have developing organs and limbs?)

Kelly said...

We must have looked at the same pregnancy reference for size. I liked having a tangible reference -- so much better than "your baby is 10 mm long."

We actually sent my mom flowers to announce PQ's pregnancy and signed it from "the fig" because that week she was fig-sized.