Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Two Posts in One

So, I asked Dr. Gooch, "Did you read my last post?" Of course I wasn't asking, "Did you read my last post?" because I know he reads all my posts. But I was wondering what he thought about it. He said, "Yes, I read it, it was good." Then, added, "It was long. I usually don't read things that are that long, but I read yours." I found this humorous and telling.

Humorous because I still don't know what he thought (we'll surely pull out the atlas again tonight and hash it out some more). Telling because it delineates our two worlds. Before I expound, let me say that gratefully we take every opportunity for their convergence--these two worlds.

Dr. Gooch works in Emergency Rooms. Have you ever been to the county Emergency Room on the south side of the city in Anywhere, USA? You don't have a chance to read anything but the first line because someone is bleeding out or has glass in their eye or a pole through their arm and everyone else is barking at you like dogs. He can't sit and ponder, he must skim and decide. React instantly. He is saving lives.

I, on the other hand, am a stay-at-home mom. Have you ever stood at the sink filtering the lunchtime demands of three children? Seth is yelling at Lucy to stop looking at him. Lucy's comeback, "I'm not looking at you Sethie, I'm smiling at you!", then she adds "Mom, are you getting my macaroni ready?" Hazel's head is twisted nearly all the way around in her highchair to show me her distressed famished look--as if the audio version weren't effective enough. Not much less hectic than an ER, you think. But I cannot skim and decide. I cannot react instantly. Each demand must be met along with a lesson learned, feelings addressed, amends made, laughter reinstated, and the whole mess cleaned up for round two. I am not saving lives, I am shaping them.

Both our lives are vital to the whole. And I always thought it a tricky perk that Dr. Gooch gets to participate regularly in "my" world while I NEVER get to participate in his, in fact, I don't think I've ever been in the ER where he spends most of his waking hours.

I also find it...well, it floors me that I am in charge of shaping these three downright beautiful lives. This is why I write, I think. Because I'm floored and the only thing that gets me up off the floor sometimes is to put it into words--somehow this makes what I have bit off more chewable.

Now onto more important matters (tongue in cheek).

I'm "tucking" away this picture for future reference. I would like, someday, to pull off this haircut. I HATE doing my hair. If I had this haircut I would not have to do my hair. One more really simple way to simplify. Think of the possibilities. I could go bombshell blond one week and ravishing redhead the next with minimal "grow out" time.

I go through these phases where I crave such a do. In fact, right now I am trying to grow my hair out really really long. I informed my hairdresser, Mari (roll the "r") that if I appear in her swivel chair pleading to "chop it all off!", just ignore me and simply trim 'er up! I don't trust myself.

But, seriously, doesn't this girl look oh-so-satisfied? And those glasses! I'd HAVE to get me a pair of those to go with the cut.

*photo, courtesy of the Sartorialist


Kelly said...

I loved this Jordan. My big difference between our two worlds is that Keith gets to finish things (really finish), and I get frustrated with that lack of "done!". You know, the instant your laundry is all done, you change into pajamas and it's not done any more. etc.

So one time the lovely Amy visited me in Chicago sporting a haircut not too much longer than that. It was so very cute, and took her 10 seconds to do. I was supremely jealous. My hair is so fine and straight, that I am certain it would stand on end even on the sides and not work in a lovely way.

Anne said...

Short hair is the best! I have had mine in various stages of short for several years now and I don't think I will ever grow it out long again.

Kelly, my hair is fine and straight too, all it takes is a quick blowdry and some pomade and voila...cutest hair ever!

Katy said...

That looks like Ann!

You always look cute with short hair. Hazel will be sad, not having something to tug, though!

Jenny Dahl said...

Interesting these two worlds we live in isn't it. I too wish I could peek my head into an O.R. and visit his.
Now, about the haircut. You could definitely pull it off. I on the other hand am going in the opposite direction. Waiting for the day to try extensions. But long or short or somewhere in the middle, get the glasses!

Kurt said...

I loved your "saving lives" and "shaping lives" analogy. I thought the photo was Ann too.
You cut your hair short and I'll buzz mine when you come up in August.

Sara said...

Jordan you could totally pull off that cut and I would LOVE to see you do it!

Brook said...

I've reached a cross-roads with my own hair. It is at the nasty, put that in a pony-tail or shave it point. I was thinking length, but perhaps a mighty snip snip is the way to go.

Brook said...

Oh, and your words always leave me with something to chew on for the afternoo, I like that.

Tasha said...

You would look great with any hair, but you pull off short hair especially well.

I love your thoughts on this and I agree, I would love to see Dave in his element, I have to believe my heart would burst with pride.

Anonymous said...

I am going to have Jason read this one. Thank you for putting into words feelings that I have had for the past 3 years, but unable to formulate. The longer he works in the ER, the more decisive he becomes. The longer I am a mom, the more aware I am of the many implications of each minor choise. Beautiful.

Melissa Rozeski

Amy said...

You describe so perfectly the balance of your world & his. I think about the same thing often. Jim gets so much of my world, but I can't truly imagine all of the busy of his every day work life. And how strange for the One so close to me to spend most of his day in a life so foreign to me. Interesting.

As for the haircut, YES! Jordan, you so could carry that off with flair. I tell Jim so often that as soon as I lose 50 pounds, all the hair is going. I loved my short cut. It seriously took 10 seconds and always looked stylish. But, there is the whole issue of having to get to the stylist once a month. That would be a tough one for me at this stage.

Jessica said...


You would ROCK short hair, know why? Cuz you did in high school! Remember when you totally chopped your hair and you looked absolutely hot? I do. If anyone could pull off that look it would be you.


Jordan said...

Jessica! Did Ashley tell me you are expecting? Did she tell me it was twins?! I think so, congrats--what a lucky duo to have landed such a mom!

amy m said...

I was just having a very similar conversation with Adam last night about our 2 different worlds. And indeed what I came away with was feeling I am responsible for the 3 little lives I am with 24/7. It is daunting and floorable (new word), but how lucky we are that we don't have to do it alone.

amy m said...

Oh I also meant to add that I think about whacking my hair off on a regular basis. I've had it short before and liked it, but the grow out was horrible so next time I go for it I will keep it short for good. You would look great.

Alison said...

I chopped my hair that short and loved it.