Tuesday, August 21, 2007


My Favorite Things (this month)

1. Trader Joe's cocoa almonds: just a delight.
2. Lemon ginger herbal tea: drink this every morning before you eat breakfast for better digestion.
3. Way More Chocolate Chip Cookies, from Trader Joe's: the love child of buttery shortbread and Valrhona chocolate-you can't eat just one.
4. Lemon Curd from--once again--Trader Joe's: spread some of this on your toasted wheat bread and your in heaven.
5. Vanillaroma car fresheners: these have been my standard scent of choice since high school, don't know why, perhaps a nostalgia thing (not edible).

6. Microfiber Cloth for streak-free windows by Method--these are the only thing I've found that leave a clear, fuzz-less surface after wiping. A great find.
7. Udderly Smooth "udder" cream. I put this on nightly before bed and enjoy soft supple feet! (Grease less and Stainless, too!!)
8. Lemon-Verbena Soap--this is the freshest smelling stuff, and cheaper at Trader Joe's, of course.
9. Anti-gravity Firming Mask by Clinique. Give yourself a mini spa and moist soft skin.
10. Neutrogena's Rainbath shower gel--this is a fresh scent, none of that fruity, perfumey nonsense!

11. Beads. I'm in love with them. Here is one of my creations especially for our winner, Shannon. I call it "Monsoon Magic" (ceramic and sterling silver).


Jill said...

Those are some seriously great "favorite things". I love it that you said "this month" because it's so true that things like that change. It's fun to see them.

Anne said...

Wow, what wonderful favorite things! Thanks for the reveal!

Elizabeth said...

I knew there would be some lovely Trader Joe stuff. I know Shannon in real life and she will love all these things!

Amy said...

Too much goodness! Shannon will be very happy, I'm sure.

TX Girl said...

Well now I'm even more depressed I wasn't the winner of your favorite things. It looks like a great stash of treats, I especially love the necklace.

I too love that you said "this month" I think it is such an accurate statement- my favorite things totally change with my mood.

Melissa said...

Have you ever tried Trader Joe's cinnamon almonds? Those are delicious as well. I wish we had that store in Utah.

Katy said...


Jenny Dahl said...

I was waiting to hear your favorites and I think I need to try a few of those!

Shannon said...

True that sista, I am one lucky winner!

michelle said...

A lot of great favorite things. Lemon curd is one of my favorite things in the world. As is Valrhona chocolate. I can make my own lemon curd, and I have a little bit of Valrhona left from France, but I sure wish we had a Trader Joe's around here!

I can't wait to get one of those microfiber cloths to try. I know that the lemon verbena soap is divine from when you sent me one, and I think I may have to try the udder cream -- so far I haven't found the cream that can make my heels smooth!